Innotest HCV Ab IV ELISA Kit: Accelerated Detection of HCV Antibodies with Proven Accuracy

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Exhibit optimal accuracy and speed in detecting Hepatitis C virus antibodies with the Innotest HCV Ab IV, ELISA Kit. Built with advanced Enzyme Immunoassay technology, this kit guarantees 100% sensitivity and specificity in testing human serum or plasma. The kit, capable of performing 480 tests, delivers results in a swift 3 hours. It comes with a complete package of materials, including antigen-coated wells, control samples, and diluents. Please be advised that precision pipettes and a microplate washer are required for this ELISA kit test procedure.

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Innotest HCV Ab IV: Unmatched Speed and Precision in Detecting HCV Antibodies using ELISA Technology

Setting a high benchmark in the medical industry space is the Innotest HCV Ab IV ELISA Kit, a go-to tool specifically designed for the reliable and quick detection of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) antibodies in human blood serum/plasma. Its features of unprecedented sensitivity and specificity make it a preferred choice among laboratory professionals.

Product Excellence Embodied

  • The kit has been provisioned for accommodating a whopping 480 tests, housed on a specially designed and manufactured microtitre plate.
  • A facility to analyze control samples is offered to ensure results' reliability and precision, acting as a baseline for test results.
  • Included in the kit is a sample diluent, wash solution, and conjugate diluent to carry out the tests with the highest accuracy.
  • Conjugate and substrate buffer enhancement are also included in the provision for effective amplification of the reactions, and therefore, accurate results.
  • With a substantial shelf life of 16 months, the kit can be kept in store for a considerable duration.

Compelling Features and Highlights

  • The Innotest HCV Ab IV ELISA Kit has remarkable assay sensitivity, boasting a full 100% specificity rating, ensuring no false results.
  • The rapid result-producing design of the kit allows professionals to obtain conclusions within approximately 3 hours after administering the test.
  • Practical packaging of the kit, with a minimal weight of around 1.5 Kg, ensures convenience in handling and feasible mobility.

Storage, Handling and Safety Measures

Guarantee optimal efficiency of the Innotest HCV Ab IV ELISA Kit by storing it between 2-8°C and shielding it from direct sunlight. Freezing reagents is strictly advised against to maintain the test results' accuracy. To avail valid results, it is strongly recommended that only trained professionals perform the procedures in a controlled laboratory setup aligning with the instruction manual.

Designed with environmental consciousness, the Innotest HCV Ab IV ELISA Kit does not pose any environmental risk aligned with the Material Safety Data Sheet and has effectively managed potential environmental hazards.

Enhancing Medical Diagnostics with Revolutionized Solutions

Swift, accurate, sensitive, and specific – the Innotest HCV Ab IV ELISA Kit encapsulates the significant hallmarks of successful medical diagnostics, serving as a venerated medical tool for isolating HCV antibodies in human blood samples.

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