Innotest HCV Ab IV ELISA Kit | Rapid Hepatitis C Antibody Detection

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The Innotest HCV Ab IV ELISA Kit offers rapid and accurate detection of Hepatitis C antibodies. Tailored components such as antigen-coated wells for precise detection, controls for accurate results, and a set of solutions including diluent, wash solution, substrate buffer, and stop solution ensure a comprehensive testing process. The kit is non-inclusive of precision pipettes, a microplate shaker, a microplate washer, and an incubator. It boasts a 16-month shelf life and delivers results within 3 hours, aiding swift diagnosis and effective patient care.

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Innotest HCV Ab IV ELISA Kit - Preeminent Solution for Hepatitis C Antibody Detection

Introducing the Innotest HCV Ab IV ELISA Kit - a ground-breaking solution for comprehensive, exact detection of Hepatitis C virus (HCV) antibodies in human specimens. Uncompromising in its precision, this extraordinary kit exhibits 100% sensitivity and specificity, providing reliable HCV diagnosis with supreme accuracy.

Unparalleled Performance:

  • Exceptional detection of HCV antibodies guarantees flawless accuracy
  • Diverse compatibility with various sample types: serum, plasma, citrate or EDTA venous whole blood
  • Swift results delivered within a mere three hours
  • 192-test capacity with a user-friendly microtitre plate format allows extensive testing
  • Comprehensive kit includes antigen-coated wells, testing reagents, and control vials

Convenient Kit Components:

  • Two pouches of antigen-coated 96 microwells
  • High-performance testing reagents including a sample diluent, concentrated conjugate 100x, wash solution, and controls
  • Easily understandable instruction protocol for effective operation
  • The kit includes eight adhesive plate sealers and a plastic minigrip bag for ease of storage and handling

Storage and Sustainability:

The kit offers an impressive shelf life of 16 months from the manufacturing date, requiring storage at a temperature between 2°C and 8°C, in an environment protected from light and humidity. For peak performance, the kit reagents should not be frozen.

Optimal Usage Recommendations:

Use of distilled or deionized water, precision pipettes, a microplate washer and shaker, and an incubator set at 37°C is recommended for best results. Adherence to manufacturer instructions is paramount; interchanging of reagents from different kits or batches is not advised. The product is intended for professional use in a lab setting by trained individuals.

Safe & Environment-friendly:

Certified as posing no environmental hazards, the Innotest HCV Ab IV ELISA Kit ensures safe usage and disposal.

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