INNO-LIA HIV 1/2 Score: Peerless Detection of HIV Antibodies in Human Serum and Plasma

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INNO-LIA HIV 1/2 Score: High-Accuracy HIV Antibody Detection Kit

Perfect for HIV research and diagnostics, the INNO-LIA HIV 1/2 Score kit precisely identifies HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies in human serum or plasma. This high-sensitivity kit, employing advanced Line Immunoassay technology, delivers 100% sensitivity and a 96.1% specificity rate.

  • Format: Convenient 20 test strip framework for multiple tests
  • Components: Composed of antigen-coated strips, sample diluent, control and developmental solutions, and recording components
  • Storage: Keep in a cool (2-8 Celsius), dry environment away from sunlight
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Discover the Unrivalled Precision and Adaptability of the INNO-LIA HIV 1/2 Score Kit

The INNO-LIA HIV 1/2 Score Kit stands as a breakthrough in HIV diagnosis, offering an unmatched accuracy for distinguishing between HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies in human plasma and serum. This superior diagnostic kit surpasses other products owing to its extraordinary sensitivity and high specificity.While ensuring the absolute elimination of false negatives with a 100% sensitivity, the kit also maintains a consistently high specificity over 96.1% to minimize the occurrence of false positives.

Major Highlights

  • A stellar sensitivity of 100%, eliminating the risk of false negatives
  • High specificity consistently over 96.1% to reduce the incidence of false positives
  • Distinguishes between HIV-1 and HIV-2 infections
  • Flexible protocol allowing results within 5 hours or over 18 hours
  • Compatibility with both plasma and serum samples

The INNO-LIA HIV 1/2 Score Kit is designed with user convenience and adaptability in mind. Its flexible protocol allows results within a speedy 5-hour duration or a more extended 18-hour threshold. Furthermore, the kit is compatible with both plasma and serum samples, catering to various diagnostic needs.

All-in-One Kit Contents

The well-organized kit is complete with:

  • An exclusive set of 20 antigen-coated test strips
  • Required solutions for the assay
  • Incubation trays that can be reused
  • Adhesive sealers
  • A recording sheet for tracking and analysis
  • Detailed instructions ensuring successful tests

Storage and Safety Guidelines

The product possesses a shelf life of 16 months from the manufacture date and should be kept at temperatures from 2-8u00b0C. It adheres to environmental safety norms and poses no harm to the environment. For the safe use of this product, please follow all manufacturer's instructions.

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