High Precision Infusion Pump: Redefining Healthcare Efficiency with Superior Tech

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The High Precision Infusion Pump with Accessories is a leading medical device designed to deliver liquids accurately within healthcare settings. Key features include:

  • Automated Calculation Mechanism: Optimizes the infusion process.
  • Flow Rate 1-1500 mL/hr: Ensures exactness.
  • Durable and Sanitizable Design: Built to withstand hospital-grade sanitization.
  • Alarming System: Prioritizes patient safety by notifying healthcare professionals of potential issues.
  • 5-Year Lifespan and a 2-Year Warranty: Provides lasting reliability.

Recognized as a Class IIb device under EU MDR 2017/745, the High Precision Infusion Pump couples safety with efficiency. It requires professional setup and operation.

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High Precision Infusion Pump: Ushering a New Era in Healthcare Efficiency

In the pivotally critical domain of healthcare, the High Precision Infusion Pump stands as a revolutionary tool that significantly enhances fluid, drug, and blood product delivery mechanisms. Its fine-tuned precision and innovative design not only amplify the efficacy of medical procedures but also leverage exceptional durability, automation, and convenience.

Key Attributes of the Infusion Pump

  • Exemplary Precision: The infusion pump is specifically engineered to deliver an impeccable accuracy in flow rate of ±5% or better, ensuring optimal delivery of fluids.
  • Robustness: Its superior construction makes it ingress-protected against liquids and resistant to hospital-grade cleaning solutions, affirming a long-lasting usage.
  • Automated Operations: This unique attribute of automated parameter calculation based on just two inputs (volume and time) makes it a user-friendly solution for clinicians.
  • Vein Patency Maintenance: With a KVO rate of 1-5 mL/hr, this tool ensures vein patency after infusion, averting complications.
  • Resilient Battery Life: It offers an enduring battery life of up to 4 hours at a flow rate of 25ml/hr. In power outages, the pump smartly switches to battery mode, maintaining seamless operations.
  • Compatibility: Its compatibility with multiple brand models accentuates its flexibility and adaptability as per user requirements.
  • Interactive Display: This embedded display feature presents real-time information such as alarm notifications, pumping status, infused volume, and volume limit, thereby enhancing transparency and monitoring of operations.

Safety and Efficiency: Interwoven Attributes

One of the standout features of the High Precision Infusion Pump is its intrinsic convergence of precision and safety. It incorporates a lean but tough plastic dust cover and sends visual and audible alerts to the users to secure a flawless fluid administration. This device operates efficiently under a temperature range of 10°C to 30°C and a humidity range of 30% to 75%. Despite being equipped with feature-rich specifications, its compact and lightweight frame ensures effortless and space-efficient positioning, making it universally accepted across diverse healthcare settings. With the High Precision Infusion Pump and accessories, healthcare procedures are significantly modernized, fostering operational efficiency, and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

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