Infusion Giving Set with Burette - Sterile, Single-Use | High-Precision IV Therapy Tool

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High-Precision Infusion Giving Set with Burette – Single-Use, Sterile IV Therapy Solution

  • Sterile Infusion Set: Engineered for error-free, precise measurement and administration of medicines.
  • Kink-Resistant PVC Tubing: Guarantees unwavering durability and reliable performance.
  • ABS Plastic Components: Incorporates air inlet with filter, flow regulator, and injection portal for streamlined operation.
  • Graduated Chamber: Transparent and calibrated for precise, safe medication administration.
  • Safety Gauge: Integrated tool to prevent overinfusion, bolstering patient safety.
  • Sterile, Single-use: Designed for one-time use to maximize patient safety by curbing infection risks.
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Introducing the Infusion Giving Set with Burette - Sterile, Single-Use; the ultimate solution for reliable and precise intravenous (IV) therapy. This medical tool represents a fusion of safety, functionality, and simplicity, serving healthcare professionals in the administration of exact medication volumes to patients.

  • Ensured Sterility: Each infusion set is thoroughly sterilized and individually packaged, signifying zero risk of infection or cross-contamination.
  • Premium Construction: The durable, PVC tubing is resistant to any potential kinks, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of medication. The perforator, made of polyacetate, ensures secure attachment to fluid vessels.
  • Accurate Administration: The transparent, graduated chamber made of polystyrene allows accurate measurement and monitoring of administered fluids. The ABS plastic flow regulator assures steady infusion.
  • Contamination-Free: An integrated bacteriological filter prevents air-borne contaminants from compromising the medication.
  • Perfect Synchronization: The set features a Luer lock connector for firm, leak-proof connections between various devices like catheters and needles.
  • Concentration Control: An added injection portal allows for easy additional medication introduction to the line.
  • Superior Safety: Its safety gauge features automatic cut-off to avert air entry, enhancing patient safety.

The 'Infusion Giving Set with Burette' is purpose-built for unhindered, controlled administration of controlled medicinal volumes. Your investment in this tool is also a commitment to patient safety, given the device's single-use design and a safe usage time of up to 72 hours. After each use, it can be disposed of responsibly in line with healthcare waste management guidelines.

Choose the 'Infusion Giving Set with Burette - Sterile, Single-Use' for your healthcare facility, where patient safety, medicinal accuracy, and usability are paramount.

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