Energy-Efficient Industrial Refrigerating Machine GY-A228N Test Chamber for Precise Temperature Control

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The Industrial Refrigerating Machine GY-A228N Test Chamber delivers optimal cooling performance for diverse industrial applications. Key features of this machine include:

  • Model variety: Available in multiple models from GY-A228N to GY-A5A10N for bespoke requirements.
  • Variable capacity and dimensions: Varying from 280L to 1000L and dimensions from 800*600*600 to 1550*800*750 for different needs.
  • Precise temperature control: Temperature ranges from -120°C to 20°C with ±2°C accuracy.
  • Exceptional safety: Comes equipped with self-diagnosis functionality and cooling unit overload protection.
  • Energy-efficient: Operates at 380V 50HZ power with a maximum capacity of 12KW to 30KW.
  • Easy-to-use: Controlled via advanced ASET multifunctional controller and a 7-inch color touch panel.
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Industrial Refrigerating Machine GY-A228N Test Chamber | Optimal Cooling Solution

Presenting our premier Industrial Refrigerating Machine GY-A228N Test Chamber, an embodiment of efficient cooling and precise temperature control. This refrigeration system, with its unparalleled performance, guarantees adaptability and reliability in varied industrial environments.

  • Promising optimized efficiency across models: GY-A228N, GY-A250N, GY-A2A10N, GY-A350N, GY-A3A10N, GY-A550N, and GY-A5A10N. It's custom-built to cater to your unique operational demands.
  • Offers a volume range of 280L to 1000L and inner dimensions from 800*600*600 to 1550*800*750, providing ample space for all your cooling needs.
  • Featuring a vertical design and a broad temperature range - from -120°C to 20°C - melding space optimization with accurate temperature management.
  • Superior temperature accuracy of ±2°C and dynamic cooling capacities from 0.7kw at -110°C to 2kw at -140°C for optimal operational conditions.
  • Built with a durable nickel-chromium alloy electric heating heater that offers a heating power range of 2kw to 5kw.
  • Integrated with an advanced ASET multifunctional controller and 7-inch color touch screen for streamlined operation and improved user experience.
  • Equipped with safety protection features like phase sequence phase failure protection, leakage protector, and cooling unit overload protection ensuring operational safety.
  • Merging superior performance with sleek aesthetics, constructed with a cold-rolled steel painted exterior, and SUS304 wire-drawing board interior.
  • Operates on 380V 50HZ power with a maximum capacity of 12KW to 30KW, suitable for a broad range of power supply conditions.
  • Provides optional features such as program-controlled cooling and heating, interior door, and electric heating vacuum glass observation window for added customization.

Note: The product is delivered in a secure wooden case, with a delivery lead time of 25 days. Unfortunately, we do not offer samples currently.

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