Water Level Indicator with Audible Signal: Unsurpassed Precision in Borehole Measurement

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Enhance your resource management with our precision-engineered Water Level Indicator offering advanced features for borehole measurement.

  • Marked Two-Core Flat Cable: It offers meter and centimeter indicators for accurate readings.
  • High-Frequency Dual Indication System: Features an integrated audible and visual alert system which activates upon contact with water.
  • Accommodates Various Depths: Specifically designed for assorted depth requirements and available in 50, 100, and 200-meters versions.
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Water Level Indicator with Audible Signal: Exceptional Precision in Borehole Measuring

Introducing the new gold standard in borehole measurement - the Water Level Indicator with Audible Signal. Designed to provide results of unparalleled precision, this leading-edge product offers a seamless blend of advanced technology and high-grade engineering.

The key attribute of this device is its sophisticated use of acoustic and visual indicators that engage the moment the probe touches the water surface, eliminating the possibility of measurement errors. This proficiency ensures the highest degree of accuracy in every single reading.

Main Features:

  • Energy efficiency: Equipped with a 4.5-volt battery that optimizes the balance between energy consumption and performance.
  • Precision Engineering: Boasts of a meticulously calibrated, heavy-duty, two-core flat cable measured in meters and centimeters for accurate measurements.
  • Dependable: The probe is staunchly attached to the cable end, ensuring the reliability of readings.
  • Versatility: Available in various lengths (50, 100, 200 meters), catering to a broad spectrum of requirements.
  • Safety: Shipped with a protective encasing for the probe to prevent damage during transportation, guaranteeing an immaculate condition upon arrival.

The product package encompasses essential accessories such as a free protective carrying bag, a Ground Sensor for depth sounding, and two sets of spare batteries to certify a smooth operation.

Indicative of the future of borehole water level measurement, the Water Level Indicator with Audible Signal is the ultimate choice for industry professionals seeking enhanced efficiency, reliability, and precision.

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