Robust Borehole Water Level Indicator - Premium Monitoring Tool

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Robust Borehole Water Level Indicator – Accurate and Easy Water Level Monitoring is an industry-standard instrument for precise readings in boreholes up to 200m deep. The robust probe, attached to the durable, calibrated cable, utilizes acoustic and optical signals for reliable water detection.

  • 200m Calibrated Cable: High-strength, marked in meters and cm.
  • Acoustic Detection: High-frequency signals for precision.
  • Optical Alerts: Light activation upon water detection.
  • Extra Probe Protection: Secure packaging for safe transit.
  • Supplementary Accessories: Ground sensor and carry bag included.
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Robust Borehole Water Level Indicator - Premium Solution for Efficient Water Level Monitoring

Efficiently monitor and measure water levels with our state-of-the-art Borehole Water Level Indicator. This innovative device establishes a new standard in accurate water level monitoring, delivering precision and reliability in a durable, user-friendly design.

Product Overview:

The Borehole Water Level Indicator is an indispensable tool for operators requiring critical water level data. It utilises advanced technology to deliver acoustic and optical signals when it detects the preset water level. Combined with a robust 200-meter cable and a functional design, this comprehensive solution significantly optimises and improves the process of water level monitoring in boreholes.

Key Features:

  • Powered by a 4.5-volt battery (3 x 1.5V), offering enhanced portability and continuous operation
  • Sturdy two-core cable provides precise measurements with calibrations in meters and centimeters
  • Includes a specially designed probe, affixed at the end of the cable, to improve detection accuracy
  • Incorporates a cable winding reel for effortless deployment and retrieval of the probe
  • Featuring a high-frequency audible alert that instantly sounds on water contact
  • Integrated optical signal (light) that switches on once the probe touches water, offering visual cues for the user

The Borehole Water Level Indicator is user-friendly and easy to operate. Available in different cable lengths to suit your individual needs, it has a manageable weight of 7.5 kg and a volume of 0.07 m3, making it simple to transport and store.

Additional accessories, such as a Carrying Bag and Ground Sensor for Depth Sounding, are available separately. While the necessary batteries are not included with the indicator, they can be obtained easily locally for your convenience.

Choose our Borehole Water Level Indicator to facilitate trustworthy, precise, and effortless water level monitoring - an investment towards saving significant time and resources.


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