Indicator TST Control Spot/PAC-300: The Ultimate Tool for Efficient Steam Sterilization

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The Indicator TST Control Spot/PAC-300 is an industry-leading tool for verifying steam sterilization processes in a variety of sectors. Notable features include:

  • Visual Validation: Coloured spots change irreversibly from yellow to blue under optimal sterilization conditions (121 u00b0C for 15 minutes).
  • Comprehensive Package: Comes with 300 adhesive spots, a sterilization tracking sheet, and clear instructions in multiple languages.
  • Diverse Applicability: Suitable for basic and advanced sterilization setups, ensuring flexibility across different business needs.

Reliable and user-friendly, the Indicator TST Control Spot/PAC-300 provides a foolproof solution for all your sterilization validation needs.

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Secure and Efficient Steam Sterilization with Indicator TST Control Spot/PAC-300

As an indispensable component in medical and research environments, steam sterilization continues to be an essential process to guarantee equipment safety and hygiene. Indicator TST Control Spot/PAC-300 is a paramount element in the sterilization process, designed to assure the validity and integrity of steam sterilization.

Effective and Accurate TST Control Spot/PAC-300

The TST Control Spots are expertly engineered to respond to satisfactory sterilization conditions. Under ideal conditions, these indicator spots change color from yellow to blue. This transformation signals satisfaction of the standard steam sterilization conditions, for example, a temperature of 121°C maintained for 15 minutes. This precision-engineered tool is ideally suited for portable steam sterilizers, providing a reliable and unmistakable indicator of sterilization success.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Each pack of Indicator TST Control Spots contains 300 units, with essential details like the manufacturer's name, product reference, batch number, and expiry date indicated clearly, ensuring easy tracking and management. The usage procedure is uncomplicated and user-friendly.

  • Start by adhering the TST control spot securely on the lid of the sterilizing drum.
  • At the completion of the sterilization process, examine the color change of the TST control spot.
  • When the spot turns blue, it signifies the success of the sterilization cycle. If no color change is observed, repeat the process using a fresh TST control spot.

Safe Storage and Long Shelf-Life

Safe storage of this product is in a cool, dark place away from sunlight. For optimal performance, check the control spot color before use. With a focus on their shelf life, regularly monitor the batch number and expiry date. Notably, all necessary storage conditions and guidelines are detailed explicitly in the manufacturer's instructions included with the pack.

Essential Component in Sterilization Kits

Indicator TST Control Spots are also included in several sterilization kits including Sterilization kit C (S9908200), Sterilizer kit A (S9908000), Sterilizer kit B (S9908100), and the IEHK2006 supplemental renewable kit (S9906627).


When it comes to guaranteeing safety in medical and research environments, confirming the effectiveness of sterilization processes is crucial. The Indicator TST Control Spot/PAC-300 provides this indispensable validation in an efficient and reliable manner. Adopting this exceptional product in your sterilization procedure will be a strategic move towards reinforcing health safety.

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