Superior Precision Cryogenic Freezers Models GX-A028N to GY-A0A16N

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Premium Cryogenic Freezers Models GX-A028N to GY-A0A16N provide optimal precision in temperature control for various applications. These advanced models feature:

  • Wide temperature range: Control precise temperatures from -100u00b0C to 60u00b0C.
  • Versatile capacity: Volume range from 280L to 1600L with cooling capacity from 0.7kw to 3kw.
  • ASET controller: Facilitates easy and accurate temperature adjustments.
  • Durable construction: Crafted with cold rolled steel exterior and SUS304 wire drawing board interior.
  • Safety functions: Equipped with leakage protector, overload relay, and other safety features.

Experience the blend of efficiency, durability, and safety with our Cryogenic Freezers.

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Premium Cryogenic Freezers Models GX-A028N to GY-A0A16N for Optimal Precision in Temperature Control

Discover the superior quality and unparalleled precision of our Cryogenic Freezer Models GX-A028N to GY-A0A16N, perfect for applications requiring precise temperature control and high efficiency. These models deliver a broad temperature range of -100u2103 to 60u2103 with an exceptional cooling capacity at -90u2103 between 0.7kw to 3kw, making them ideal for variety of vertical and chest/horizontal applications.

  • Extensive Volume Capacity: Models feature storage capacities ranging from 280L to 1600L, accommodating diverse storage needs.
  • Precise Temperature Control: Offering groundbreaking temperature accuracy of u00b12u2103, ideal for exacting scientific applications.
  • Powerful Heating Capability: Ranging from 2kw to 8kw, ensuring timely and effective heating when required.
  • Rapid Cooling Rate: Approximately one hour is all it takes to cool from 60u2103 to -95u2103.
  • Innovative ASET Multifunctional Controller: Designed to provide reliable and effective temperature regulation.
  • Convenient Interface: Features a 7-inch color touchscreen interface for easy operation and real-time monitoring.
  • Eco-friendly Refrigerants: The use of R404A, R23, and R14 refrigerants minimizes environmental impact.
  • Resilient Construction: Crafted from cold-rolled steel with a painted exterior and a SUS304 wire drawing board interior for long-lasting durability and wear resistance.
  • Superior Safety Features: Including self-diagnosis function, leakage protector, high-low pressure switch, overload relay, and thermal protection device for safe and reliable operation.

These advanced cryogenic freezers also offer an array of optional features to enhance performance and energy efficiency, such as high operational temperature up to 150u2103, temperature accuracy of u00b10.5u2103, program control for cooling and heating, interior doors for less cooling capacity loss, and more. These additional features make the Cryogenic Freezers Models GX-A028N to GY-A0A16N an even more valuable asset for diverse industrial and scientific applications.

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