Revolutionary Industrial Cryogenic Freezer | Ultra-Low Temperature Storage

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Cutting-Edge Industrial Cryogenic Freezer | Ultra-Low Temperature & Large Capacity

Discover industrial excellence with our advanced Cryogenic Freezer, ideal for ultra-low temperature requirements in labs, research facilities, and pharmaceutical sectors. Purposefully engineered for long-term storage safety and efficiency.

  • Temperature Range: Impressive spectrum from -196°C to -150°C
  • Storage Capacity: Accommodates up to 1000 samples for extensive operations
  • Cooling System: Assures consistent cooling for maximum sample preservation
  • Construction: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel for industrial durability
  • Interface: User-centric with a comprehensive digital temperature display
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  • Procurenet Team Tshim Sha Tsui
    Hong Kong Hong Kong 3 years

Top-Notch Industrial Cryogenic Freezer with Revolutionary Functionality

We proudly introduce our avant-garde Industrial Cryogenic Freezer—an invaluable tool built with the cutting-edge technology, especially tailored for high-intensity industrial use. Powered with extraordinary freezing capabilities, our freezer assures the ideal preservation of your vital samples at rigorous ultra-low temperatures ranging from -196°C to -150°C.

Key Features

  • State-of-the-art cooling system that promptly attains and maintains the desired temperature, ensuring remarkable efficiency.
  • Large digital temperature display for effortless tracking and control, bringing an exceptional ease-of-use to your daily operations.
  • An integral alarm system adept at detecting and promptly alerting any significant temperature variations, thus guaranteeing absolute safety for your indispensable samples and specimens.
  • Specially designed eco-friendly and energy-efficient structure that successfully minimizes both environmental footprint and operational costs.

Unparalleled build quality

Our Cryogenic Freezer flaunts a sturdy stainless-steel exterior, promising enduring durability even under strenuous usage conditions. The inner chamber features top-notch insulation promising uniformity and stability in temperature, thereby upholding the integrity of stored samples.

Advanced Technology

  • An innovative cooling system that infuses the usage of CFC-free refrigerants, adhering to environmental safety guidelines.
  • High performance locking mechanism for the secure storage of samples, eliminating any potential risks of tampering.
  • Incorporation of LED lighting providing superior visibility and usability in dimly lit settings.

This Cryogenic Freezer emerges as an inevitable asset for laboratories, research organizations, and pharmaceutical companies who frequently need to deal with the safe, efficient, and prolonged storage of samples. With a Blend of high-tier features and resilient construction, our Cryogenic Freezer secures optimal preservation and increased lifespan for your archived materials. Rely on our Cryogenic Freezer for the impeccable performance your industrial operations necessitate.

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