Advanced IMC Lined Magnetic Drive Pumps | Unmatched Durability & Performance

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Discover the high-performance Advanced IMC Lined Magnetic Drive Pumps, crafted for exceptional durability and unmatched efficiency. Fabricated from F46, these pumps offer superior corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. Main features include:

  • Zero Leakage: Unique construction eliminates mechanical seal requirement, ensuring a leak-proof process.
  • Safe Handling: Efficiency in transferring corrosive chemical liquids with outstanding purity; ideal for stringent chemical transfer needs.
  • Versatile Application: Perfect for diverse industries including pharmaceutical, environmental protection, metallurgy, and more.
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Unrivalled Professional Grade IMC Lined Magnetic Drive Pumps – Leak-Proof, Durable and High-Performance

Introducing our advanced IMC Lined Magnetic Drive Pumps, engineered to offer an extraordinary blend of unbeaten efficiency, impressive mechanical strength and durability. Our industrial leading design carries a patent (201020670554.X) and adheres to the strictest safety standards.

All components are toxin-free and crafted from quality mold-formed F46, ensuring a high resistance to corrosion. Not just this, they add exceptional longevity to your machinery and demonstrate a tremendous maintenance-free lifecycle.

Industry Spanning Applicability

Whether you operate within the realms of chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, petroleum, electroplating, rare earth separation, automobile manufacturing or metallurgy, our revolutionary pumps have been designed to impress. They offer zero leakage and are the perfect fit for transferring high-purity and corrosive chemical liquids.

Unsurpassed Durability with the Best Materials

Our Magnetic Drive Pumps showcase exceptional sturdiness and longevity due to the usage of high-standard materials like F46, silicon carbide, and fluorine rubber in the fluid flow parts. Furthermore, our pump casing is made from rugged ductile iron to support pipeline weight and tolerate heavy loads.

Essential Features of IMC Lined Magnetic Drive Pumps

  • Resistant to any form of corrosion due to pure F46 used in pump liners, impeller rotors and isolation units.
  • Solid and robust ductile iron pump casing capable of withstanding heavy loads and abides by national standard flange.
  • Optimized hydraulic performance for enhanced efficiency and reduced hydraulic friction loss.
  • Bearings and moving rings are crafted from sintered silicon carbide enabling high hardness, heightened wear-resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Technical Specifications

  • Flow Capability: 1.8-100m3/h
  • Head: 8-50m
  • Speed: 2900r/min
  • Power: 0.12-45kW
  • Diameter: 12-125mm
  • Temperature Range: -20 to 100u00b0C
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