IMC-F Fluorine Plastic Magnetic Pump for Optimum Chemical Liquids Handling

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The IMC-F Fluorine Plastic Magnetic Pump is optimized for effective, non-contaminated conveyance of corrosive chemical fluids. Manufactured with F46 material ensuring clean operation, its iron casing guarantees optimal mechanical resilience. Key features include:

  • Pure F46 Molded Material: Assures pure, uncontaminated operation
  • Ductile Iron Casing: Provides mechanical strength
  • Sintered Silicon Carbide Components: Ensures hardness and corrosion resistance
  • Spiral Groove Design: Facilitates optimal lubrication and heat removal
  • PPS Reinforced Cover: Withstands high pressure and temperature for durability
  • NdFeB Magnet: Smooth torque transfer in high flow operations
  • Pull-Type Structure: Simplifies maintenance
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IMC-F Fluorine Plastic Magnetic Pump: A High-Precision feat of Engineering for Efficient Chemical Liquids Transfer

Engineered specifically to meet the demands of industries that rely on the secure and efficient transfer of high-purity, corrosive chemical liquids, the IMC-F Fluorine Plastic Magnetic Pump is a cutting-edge solution that ensures a completely sealed, non-leak operation. Superior technology and high-quality materials collude making it an essential asset for reliable and smooth industrial process management.

Unsurpassed Features of IMC-F Fluorine Plastic Magnetic Pump

  • Developed using pure F46 molded material through an innovative manufacturing process, the pump offers an impurity-free operation, a key consideration for high-purity liquid chemicals handling.
  • A robust ductile iron pump casing provides unparalleled mechanical strength, enhancing the pump's endurance even under intense utilization.
  • Sintered silicon carbide components, universally applauded for their extreme hardness and corrosion resistance, amplify your pump's longevity.
  • A distinctive spiral groove design paves the way for ideal lubrication and proficient heat removal, ensuring the pump stays protected against overheating and subsequent damage.
  • Equipped with a PPS-reinforced cover to endure elevated pressures and temperatures, fortifying the pump's viability for rigorous industrial assignments.
  • Implementation of NdFeB magnet material aids in smooth torque transfer and operation under heightened flow conditions, orchestrating an uninterrupted and unfaltering pumping process.
  • Holding a pull-type structure, this pump has been made for easy internal inspection and part replacement, thus hastening and simplifying maintenance.

Stellar Technical Parameters

Technical parameters for the IMC-F Fluorine Plastic Magnetic Pump are structured to effectively cater to a varied range of industrial operations. The pump comes with a flow range of 1.8-100m3/h, head range of 8-50m, a speed of 2900r/min, power range of 0.12-45kw, diameter range of 12-125mm, and an operational temperature range of -20-100°C. This set of technical specs reinforce the pump's exceptional performance across various industrial applications.

Make a prudent investment with the IMC-F Fluorine Plastic Magnetic Pump and step up your operational efficiencies with safe, efficient, and hassle-free liquid chemical transfer.

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