IMC Series Continuous Load Fluorine Magnetic Pump: Industrial Fluid Transmission Redefined

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The IMC Series Continuous Load Fluorine Magnetic Pump presents a progressive solution ideal for the efficient transmission of high-purity and highly corrosive chemical liquids. It offers a seamless, temperature-rise-free operation due to its innovative liquid load-free function. Notable features include:

  • Corrosion-resistant ceramic bearings and non-metallic isolation components ensuring longevity in service.
  • Constructed with pure F46 moulded disposable material, offering superior chemical resistance.
  • Features a pull-type structure for internal inspection, eliminating the need for pipeline disassembly, thus simplifying maintenance.
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IMC Series Continuous Load Fluorine Magnetic Pump: The Gold Standard for High-Efficiency Fluid Transmission

Introducing the IMC Series Continuous Load Fluorine Magnetic Pump – a new-age solution for seamless, efficient and sustainably dynamic fluid transmission across various industrial applications. Ingeniously crafted to deliver a flawless, temperature-consistent performance, this industry-grade pump maximizes productivity whilst minimizing energy consumption.

Product Highlights:

  • Features state-of-the-art technology that ensures swift and effortless operation.
  • Built with ceramic rolling bearings and non-metallic isolators for unparalleled corrosion resistance.
  • Outstanding venting and cooling layout minimises heat production, enhancing sustainability.
  • Technical specifications include a flow rate capability of 1.8-100m3/h, head range of 8-50m, and power of 0.12-45kw.
  • Constructed with pure F46 molded disposable material, it guarantees pure chemical liquid transmission — perfectly suited for highly corrosive environments.
  • Features a sturdy ductile iron body shell that increases the mechanical strength and resistance to heavy loads.
  • The shaft, bearing sets, and movement rings exhibit an intelligent use of sintered silicon carbide for superior hardness, wear resistance, and anti-corrosion performance.
  • Employs an external NdFeB magnetic component that facilitates smooth torque transfer and prevents rotor-impeller back contact.
  • Efficient pull-type configuration allows for simple internal inspection and spare parts replacement without disassembling pipelines.

Experience the future of efficient liquid transmission with the IMC Series Continuous Load Fluorine Magnetic Pump. With its superb durability and efficiency, it serves as a valuable asset to any industry requiring reliable fluid transmission systems.

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