IHF Fluorine Plastic Lined Centrifugal Pumps: High-End, Corrosion-Resistant Chemical Pump

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The IHF Fluorine Plastic Lined Centrifugal Pumps are premier chemical pumps ideal for several industry applications. With a corrosion-resistant metal shell and fluorine plastic lining, these pumps ensure safe and efficient chemical transport.

  • Featuring Single stage single suction, tailor-made for chemical transference.
  • Outfitted with PTFE packing material seal and an external PTFE bellows mechanical seal for leakage prevention.
  • Possesses exceptional resistance to wear and tear, high temperature, and aging.
  • Effectively handles a vast spectrum of chemicals including acids, alkalis, salts, and solvents.
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IHF Fluorine Plastic Lined Centrifugal Pumps: An Elite, Corrosion-Resistant Chemical Pump Solution

Redefine your chemical handling capabilities with the IHF Fluorine Plastic Lined Centrifugal Pump. This industry-grade, single-stage, single-suction pump boasts a state-of-the-art fluorine plastic alloy build. With superior technology, this pump is an asset to a broad range of sectors like petrochemical metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, synthetic fibers, food, and brewing. It offers optimal performance in the transportation of a wide array of substances including varied forms of acid, alkali, salt, oil, beverages, and organic solvents.

Key Features

  • High resistance to corrosion, wear and tear, aging, and extreme high temperatures.
  • Features a durable metal shell lined with poly FEP (F46), ensuring lasting performance.
  • The internal body consists of a pump cover, an impeller, and a shaft sleeve backed by metal inserts outsourcing fluorine plastic for extended service life.
  • Equipped with an innovative externally mounted PTFE bellows mechanical seal for dependable and secure sealing functionality.
  • An adopted seamless design that delivers sheer operational efficiency.
  • Easy-to-service design coupled with a sturdy cast steel reinforced import and export.

Technical Parameters

  • Flow rate range: 3.5 ~ 120m3/h
  • Head capacity: 5 ~ 80m
  • Speed offerings: 1450, 2900 r/min
  • Power offerings: 0.75 ~ 110kw
  • Inlet diameter range: 32 ~ 100mm
  • Outlet diameter range: 25 ~ 80mm

The IHF Fluorine Plastic Lined Centrifugal Pump is the top-tier solution for advanced chemical handling. This pump meets universally recognized standards, offers unmatched mechanical strength, and is your key to long-term industrial resilience.

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