IHF PTFE FEP F46 Lining Acid Chemical Pump for Industrial Applications

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Product: Superior IHF PTFE FEP F46 Lining Acid Chemical Pump

Key Features:

  • Versatile: Suitable for wide application range from pharmaceuticals to waste water treatment
  • Effective: Uses centrifugal force for resourceful liquid transfer
  • Flexible: Provides easy integration options into existing systems
  • Resilient: Crafted for high-temperature processes, bearing upto 200°C/392°F
  • Powerful: Accommodates maximum flow rate of 120m³/h with considerable pressure capacity


With its commendable resistance to corrosion, this pump stands as a dependable solution for handling corrosive materials across various industrial applications.

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Superior IHF PTFE FEP F46 Lining Acid Chemical Pump - Unrivaled in Industrial Applications

Introducing the IHF PTFE FEP F46 Lining Acid Chemical Pump, a revolutionary solution engineered for exceptional performance across diverse industrial sectors. Renowned for its robust corrosion resistance, this advanced pump emerges as the ultimate choice for handling highly corrosive materials in harsh environments.

Boasting superior resistance to aging, high temperatures, wear, and corrosion, this leading-edge pump sports a design that is endearing for its durability. The non-toxin decomposition feature combined with high mechanical strength further cements its stronghold in the arena of extremely corrosive equipment.

This versatile pump finds applications across various sectors such as the chemical industry, acid cleaning, pharmaceuticals, farm chemicals, and wastewater treatment. With the ability to immaculately transport any concentration of aggressive acids and strong alkali, it facilitates the seamless conveyance of strong oxidizing agents, organic solvents, reducing agents, and every severe condition of a strong corrosive medium.

  • Resistance: Unparalleled resistance to corrosion, wear, high temperatures, and aging.
  • Versatility: Perfect for conveying myriad acids, strong alkali, strong oxidizing agents, organic solvents, reducing agents, and more.
  • Performance: Superior sealing for stable operation, minimal noise, and extended service life.
  • Construction: End sections lined with PTFE for maximum protection against extreme conditions.
  • Specifications: Operates on a maximum electric drive rating of 37KW, maximum fluid temperature of 200°C, highest discharge-side pressure of 76m, maximum caliber of 125/100mm, and a maximum flow of up to 120m³/h.

The IHF PTFE FEP F46 Lining Acid Chemical Pump steadfastly holds its ground as an industry leader, providing world-class performance even under the most challenging conditions. Enhance your operational efficiency with this remarkable pump today.

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