0.4-Litre Icepack for Superior Cold Chain Management | Ensuring Optimal Temperature Control

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A dependable 0.4-Litre Icepack designed specifically for maintaining temperature stability during transportation and storage. Constructed with reinforced walls, it prevents expansion and leakage, ensuring a durable build. It provides enhanced convenience with its removable screw cap and secure water seal. The icepack’s compact design assures efficient temperature control for cold chain maintenance. It is an ideal solution for transporting pharmaceuticals and storing medical supplies. Boasting practical external dimensions of 163 x 94 x 34 mm, it can adapt to various applications. A trusted option maintaining temperature consistency across different scenarios.

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0.4-Litre Icepack for High-performance Cold Chain Management

Meet your cold chain requirements with the efficient 0.4-Litre Icepack, designed for consistently maintaining an optimal temperature. The impeccably crafted icepack ensures that temperature-sensitive goods reach their destination in excellent condition.

Ideal for Cold Chain Transportation

Our icepack has an ideal structure with dimensions of 163 x 94 x 34 mm. The superior space-to-weight capacity with a water content of 0.35 to 0.4 litres markedly enhances temperature retention, making it an indispensable asset for your cold chain needs.

Durable and Leakage-free for Uninterrupted Performance

Built to last, the icepack is equipped with reinforced walls to prevent swelling, guaranteeing durability. A leak-proof feature consisting of an internal water seal and removable screw cap ensures smooth transit by effectively eliminating temperature fluctuation risks.

Customizable and User-friendly Design

The icepack provides flexibility in usage and is delivered empty to let the user fill it as per specific needs. An added fill line indicator facilitates an accurate water filling process ensuring seamless operations. Packaged securely in double-walled cartons, the icepack reaches you in perfect condition, backed by a two-year replacement warranty, reflecting our commitment to high quality and longevity.

Disclaimer: To maximise the efficiency of our product, we recommend thoroughly reviewing the user instructions provided with the cold box, vaccine carrier, or icepacks before use.

Key Features

  • Optimised space-to-weight capacity for efficient temperature retention
  • Reinforced walls and internal water seal for enhanced durability and zero leakage
  • Customisable with precise filling line indicator
  • Delivered in high-quality double-wall cartons for secure transit
  • Two-year replacement warranty as a testament to our quality
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