High Efficiency 0.3L Icepack - Superior Cold Chain Maintenance Solution

High Efficiency 0.3L Icepack – Superior Cold Chain Maintenance Solution

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High Efficiency 0.3L Icepack – Superior Cold Chain Maintenance Solution

Explore proficient cold chain management with our High Efficiency 0.3 Litre Icepack: Ultimate Cold Chain Maintenance Solution. It brings:

  • Seal Integrity: Ensuring safety through a robust screw cap mechanism.
  • Swell-resistant: Firm structure resistant to swelling.
  • Leakage Shield: Comes with an integrated water seal to deter leaks.
  • High Efficiency: The icepack weighs just 80g, reducing freight costs and saving space.

Our product, supported by a 2-year replacement warranty, is ideal for transporting temperature-sensitive items, particularly in pharmaceutical and delivery services.


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High Efficiency 0.3L Icepack – The Ultimate Solution for Cold Chain Maintenance

When transporting temperature-sensitive goods, maintaining the recording cold chain is crucial. The High Efficiency 0.3L Icepack is impeccably designed and constructed to offer a superior, unbeatable solution for cold chain maintenance. The integrity and freshness of your products are preserved, no matter how far they need to travel. It also provides an optimal cooling mechanism to maintain the desired temperature.

Design and Durability

  • Intelligent Type 2 Screw Cap: Fitted with a sleek and smart design for user comfort and convenience.
  • Enhanced Durability: High-performance internal structure featuring walls that resist swelling and thereby prolong the product’s life.
  • Zero Leakage: Inclusive of an internal water seal, setting up an advanced leak-proof system that guarantees the security of your goods.

Unmatched Usability and Portability

  • Effortless Filling: Equipped with a clearly visible fill line indicator for optimal filling.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Tailored specifically for easy handling and transportation, making it particularly suitable for on-the-go use.

Guaranteed Protection of Products

Every High-efficiency 0.3L Icepack comes securely packed within a sturdy double-wall carton to guarantee safe transportation. Perfect for transportation or field immunization activities— it’s well-suited to cold chain maintenance. A comprehensive two-year replacement warranty backs every purchase, ensuring your goods always reach their destination in prime condition.

Key Features:

  • Smart and functional Type 2 Screw Cap design
  • Long-lasting, reinforced construction for unmatched durability
  • Advanced internal water seal for a foolproof leak-proof system
  • Simplified filling process thanks to a clearly marked fill line indicator
  • Handy, lightweight design that makes travel easy and convenient
  • Packed securely in a double-wall carton for protected transit
  • All purchases come with a comprehensive two-year replacement warranty

n. Made with the user’s needs in mind, the High Efficiency 0.3L Icepack provides a one-stop solution for all cold chain maintenance needs.

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