Hydralazine PDR/INJ 20mg: Effective Treatment for Hypertensive Crises & Pre-eclampsia

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Hydralazine PDR/INJ 20mg Amp/BOX-5 for Hypertensive and Pre-eclampsia Treatment

This medication is exceptionally effective for hypertensive emergencies and pre-eclampsia. It is designed for slow IV injection, carefully meeting all healthcare requirements:

  • Quantity: A box containing 5 ampoules, each filled with 20 mg of Hydralazine Hydrochloride
  • Solution Ratio: Every 2ml ampoule has a potent mix of 20 mg Hydralazine Hydrochloride
  • Shelf-Life: Boasts a 5-year lifespan if properly stored at 15°C to 25°C
  • Dosage & Usage: Adheres to the WHO Model Formulary 2008 guidelines
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Hydralazine PDR/INJ 20mg: A Versatile Solution for Hypertensive Emergencies and Pre-eclampsia

The Hydralazine PDR/INJ 20mg is a game-changing medication in the treatment of hypertensive emergencies. Specifically formulated to handle pregnancy-related complications such as pre-eclampsia and toxaemia, this high-potency phthalazine derivative ensures consistent and effective treatment for such high-stakes conditions.

Unique Attributes

  • Powerful Phthalazine derivative for critical conditions: The principal ingredient, Hydralazine, is a potent drug that effectively tackles hypertensive emergencies and complications linked to pre-eclampsia and toxaemia.
  • Accurate and Effective Dosage: The box contains 5 ampoules, each loaded with 20 mg of Hydralazine Hydrochloride, facilitating precision in dosing while maximizing therapeutic impact.
  • Convenient and Safe for Use: Following WHO Model Formulary guidelines for dosage promotes safe consumption and optimal treatment effectiveness. Additionally, the specific instructions for reconstitution and administration guarantee the efficacy of the drug and its proper and risk-free administration to patients.
  • Long Shelf Life: With a shelf life of 5 years, this medication allows for convenient long-term storage and use.
  • Temperature Tolerant: The Hydralazine can be stored and transported within a temperature range of 15u00b0C to 25u00b0C, rendering it suitable for variable environmental conditions.
  • Organized Management: Encased in a kit, this Hydralazine powder allows organized storage and utilization within healthcare facilities.

Dosage and Usage Directions

Hydralazine administration involves the dissolution of each ampoule in 1 ml of sterile water, followed by further dilution with 10 ml of 0.9% Sodium Chloride injection. The medication must be delivered via a slow intravenous injection and must be used immediately upon reconstitution. Any remaining post-injection solution should be discarded safely.

Proper Storage and Transport Guidelines

The Hydralazine medication should be stored and transported between 15u00b0C to 25u00b0C. The ampoules should stay in their original container, and the Hydralazine powder should not be reconstituted until necessary.

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