HR-25N Refrigerated Heating Circulator: High-Performance Temperature Control Solution

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HR-25N Refrigerated Heating Circulator: Advanced Temperature Control Solution

The HR-25N Refrigerated Heating Circulator is a high-end, energy-efficient, and reliable temperature control instrument for laboratories. It serves a wide temperature range of -20°C to 200°C, enhancing versatility in applications.

  • Energy Efficiency: Limits heat loss through an adiabatic operation boosting cost-effectiveness.
  • Robust Performance: Promised with a resilient Copeland compressor.
  • Sharp Temperature Control: Double LED display controller for meticulous temperature surveillance.
  • Unequaled Safety: In-built safety features and automated switch-off mechanism.
  • High-Lift Design: Perfect for extended heat transfer in large-scale operations.
  • User-Friendly Integration: PID adaptive controller and MODBUS RTU protocol ensure seamless system incorporation.
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HR-25N Refrigerated Heating Circulator: Advanced Temperature Control Solution

The HR-25N Refrigerated Heating Circulator is a premium grade, high-performance closed liquid circulation system, designed to specifically meet the exact temperature control requirements of diverse applications. With a comprehensive temperature coverage from -20°C to 200°C, this state-of-the-art equipment is ideal for laboratories and research facilities.

Outstanding Performance

  • Adiabatic operation is key in maintaining minimal heat loss or gain, optimizing efficiency during process operations.
  • Equipped with a double LED display controller for easy monitoring and accurate control of temperature settings.
  • The cooling capacity of this advanced circulator reaches up to 15kW at various temperatures, which ensures robust performance and suffices the demands of complex applications.
  • A circulation pump with a maximum capacity of 50L/min accentuates the performance capabilities and application flexibility.

High-Quality Components

  • A trusted Copeland brand compressor bolsters the circulator's performance while emphasizing reliable and long-lasting use.
  • Increased tempo and optimized temperature control ensures quick achievement of desired operating conditions.
  • Impressive, high-lift design facilitates long-distance heat transfer, thereby adding to the flexibility in various application scenarios.

Smart Operation and Safety

  • PID adaptive controller provides accurate temperature regulation, accompanied by an efficient MODBUS RTU protocol and RS 485 interface for efficient communication and control.
  • Incorporates comprehensive safety features to avoid potential damage from overheating or malfunctions.
  • A handy 7-inch touchscreen display makes operation effortless while contributing to a seamless user experience.


  • Features a plate heat exchanger which enhances efficiency – a crucial aspect for high-demand environments.
  • Securely packaged in a wooden case, the product is delivered in under 25 days, ensuring quick installation and setup.
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