Discover the Next-Gen XF Horizontal Fluidizing Drying Machine for Food

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Experience superior drying performance with the XF Horizontal Fluidizing Drying Machine, tailored for the food industry. It offers impressive features:

  • Enhanced Safety: The machine operates under closed negative pressure for secure processing.
  • Unrivaled Stability: It incorporates anti-static filter materials, delivering unwavering performance.
  • Versatile Utility: Available in varying models to meet specific necessities concerning bed area, drying capacity, fan power, and air flow.

Specially built for seamless drying processes, this drying machine can take your food production proficiency to new heights without any associated chemical formula or CAS number.

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XF Horizontal Fluidizing Drying Machine: Revolutionizing the Process of Food Drying

The innovative XF Horizontal Fluidizing Dryer is your all-in-one solution for an array of food drying tasks. Uniquely designed and engineered to meet the industry's challenges, this cutting-edge machine is perfect for drying a wide variety of food products, specifically suitable for the delicacies processed with Vanillin, an aromatic compound.

Premium-grade Safety and Unbeatable Stability

This superior food drying machine functions under a secure closed negative pressure system, reducing the risk of dust explosions. In addition, durability and reliability are guaranteed through the use of anti-static filter materials, ensuring consistent and high-quality performance.

Unmatched Technical Specifications

The XF Horizontal Fluid to Fluidizing Dryer is available in various models, differentiated by their respective capacities and drying efficiencies. Key elements include bed area, drying capacity, fan power, air pressure, air flow, and temperature ranges of input and output air. An added advantage is its high-energy efficiency, demonstrated in its low steam and power consumption rates. Here's a snapshot of the key parameters of the XF10A model:

  • Bed Area: 0.25 m2
  • Drying Capacity: 10-15 Kg/Hr H2O
  • Fan Power: 5.5 KW
  • Air Pressure: 4900 Pa
  • Air Flow: 2300 m3/h
  • Inlet Air Temperature: 60-200 u00b0C
  • Outlet Air Temperature: 40-80 u00b0C
  • Steam Consumption: 50 Kg/Hr
  • Power Consumption: 30 KW

Additional models matching different drying needs are available. More information is ready at your request.

Impeccable Quality Assurance

Experience consistent and high-quality food drying with the XF Horizontal Fluidizing Dryer. It’s about time your food products experienced the best in food drying technology.

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