Superior-Grade Steel Hoisting Tool for 125mm ND Borehole Pipes - Optimal Efficiency & Safety

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Steel Hoisting Tool for 125mm ND Borehole Pipes: Maximize efficiency and safety with our durable hoisting tool. Constructed from rugged steel for enhanced longevity, it is designed specifically for 125mm borehole pipes. Emphasizing functionality, it is effortlessly manageable with its lightweight design, weighing approximately 5kg. Additionally, the compact design, with a low overall volume of 0.02 m3, ensures easy storage and transport. Primarily used for effective placement of U-PVC casing and screen pipes in boreholes, delivering a substantial boost to drilling operations performance.

  • Nominal Diameter: 125mm, perfect for specific borehole pipes.
  • Steel Build: Premium-quality design for superior durability.
  • Weight: Approx. 5kg, ensuring manageable lift and placement.
  • Volume: About 0.02 m3 for simple transport and storage.
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Steel Hoisting Tool for 125mm ND Borehole Pipes: Optimal Efficiency & Safety

This meticulously-constructed 125mm Nominal Diameter (ND) Steel Hoisting Tool stands out as an indispensable piece of equipment for seamless installation of U-PVC casing and screen pipes in boreholes. With its superior-grade steel build, it ensures superior durability and long-term performance, essentially bolstering safety and productivity in borehole operations.

Exceptional Features:

  • Built from superior-grade steel, guaranteeing unmatched durability and prolonged performance.
  • Perfectly designed for 125mm ND pipes, providing excellent compatibility with borehole operations.
  • Attaches to the female end of casing or screen pipe, allowing for a strong grip and ease of maneuverability.
  • Can be conveniently attached to the mast cable of the drill rig for simple hoisting and lowering during drilling operations.

Packaging & Shipping:

This tool can be shipped as a single unit for urgent requirements or as part of a bulk supply of borehole casing/screen pipes in 20-foot containers. The external thread is well protected to maintain product integrity during transit.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight Estimate: 5 kg
  • Volume Estimate: 0.02 m3

Usage Guidelines:

Users must always adhere to the provided instructions when operating the Hoisting Tool for Borehole Pipes to guarantee the safest and most efficient operation. Abiding by safety measures and guidelines helps to substantially reduce the possibility of workplace accidents and improves working efficiency.

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