HIV (1+2) Ab Diagnostic Kit: Revolutionary Rapid & Accurate Detection Tool

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Offering reliable results for HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies detection, the HIV (1+2) Ab Diagnostic Kit is designed for efficiency and accuracy. It is a trusted tool with 100% sensitivity and specificity and a 0% invalid rate, allowing for results in just 15-25 minutes. The kit is durable, with an 18-month shelf life and suitable storage conditions between 4-30°C. Each pack includes 50 test cassettes, a 4ml sample diluent bottle, and comprehensive instructions for use.

  • Reliable: Ensures 100% sensitivity and specificity for HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies detection.
  • Fast: Results available in 15-25 minutes for quick diagnostics.
  • Durable: Shelf life of 18 months when stored at 4-30°C.
  • Comprehensive: Each pack includes 50 test cassettes and a 4ml sample diluent bottle.
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HIV (1+2) Ab Diagnostic Kit: A Pioneering Development in Rapid & Accurate Detection

Enter a new era of diagnostic responsibility and precision with our state-of-the-art HIV (1+2) Ab Diagnostic Kit. This superior diagnostic tool that is trusted by medical professionals for its high accuracy, reliability, and speedy results in detecting HIV antibodies within human serum, plasma, and whole blood.

Remarkable Sensitivity and Specificity

Our HIV (1+2) Ab Diagnostic Kit showcases paramount sensitivity and specificity by leveraging the power of advanced immunochromatographic technology. This pioneering diagnostic kit is designed to provide immediate and definitive results within 15-25 minutes, enabling healthcare professionals to administer quick and effective clinical responses.

Key Features and Advantages

  • Unmatched sensitivity and specificity, accurately detecting HIV antibodies type 1 and 2
  • Quick result delivery facilitates immediate preventive measures
  • Reduced patient discomfort with a low required sample volume of 40µl
  • Superior built-in quality controls, guaranteeing repeatable and reliable results
  • A favorable 18-month shelf life at 4-30°C, ensuring product availability when needed

An Essential Tool for Modern Healthcare

This kit serves as an optimal solution for laboratory professionals, healthcare workers, and anyone involved in early HIV detection, allowing them to increase the efficacy of their HIV testing measures. Choose the HIV (1+2) Ab Diagnostic Kit for enhanced HIV detection today!

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