Unrivaled High-Precision Alumina Zirconia Ceramic Plunger for Fluid Filling

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Alumina Zirconia Ceramic Plunger for High-Precision Fluid Filling

Discover the ultra-durable, high-quality alumina zirconia ceramic plunger, perfect for precision fluid filling. Ideal in various industries, such as pharmaceutical, liquid food, cosmetics, inks, reagents, and chemicals.

  • Outstanding quality: Made from superior alumina zirconia for precision fluid filling and nominal particle release.
  • Maximum durability: High temperature, acid, and alkali resistance with zero porosity ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Multifaceted applications: Compatible with worldwide filling machines, inclusive those from China, Germany, Italy, US, and Japan.

Every plunger is under strict quality control and shipped with foam protection in a safe wooden case.

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High-Precision Alumina Zirconia Ceramic Plunger for Superior Fluid Filling

Efficiency, precision, and durability meet in our Alumina Zirconia Ceramic Plunger, designed specifically for high-precision fluid filling operations. Its unrivaled hardness and zero porosity, coupled with impressive resistance to temperature, acids, and alkali, makes this product an indispensable asset across multiple industrial processes.

Key Features:

  • Vickers rating of 13, delivering unrivaled hardness, resulting in matchless durability and long-term performance.
  • Exceptional zero porosity enhancing plunger longevity and boosting operational lifespan.
  • Temperature resistance up to 1000°C, upholding optimum performance, even in extreme conditions.
  • Acing both acid and alkali resistance tests, making it ideal for corrosive environments.
  • Clear-cut operations guaranteed by a smooth surface with roughness <0.2µm, offering efficient operations and limit particle release.
  • Time-tested design delivering astounding service life with usage exceeding 10 million times, presenting tremendous value over time.


Perfectly suited for high-precision, micro-volume fluid filling operations across a wide array of industries including pharmaceuticals, food processing, cosmetics, inks, and chemicals. Our ceramic plunger works flawlessly with filling machines globally, providing consistent and precise results.

Quality Assurance:

Committed to delivering best-in-class products, every Alumina Zirconia Ceramic Plunger is passed through rigorous quality inspections before reaching our users. Thorough checks for airtightness, measurement accuracy, rotproofness, and fire resistance are meticulously conducted to ensure utmost reliability and top-notch quality.

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