High-Performance Cooling Process Equipment | Wide Temperature Range

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High-Performance Cooling Process Equipment masterfully caters to rigorous industrial demands with its remarkably wide temperature range of 50°C to 300°C. Precision and streamlined communication are integral to this equipment, courtesy of its adaptive PID controller and MODBUS RTU Protocol plus RS 485 Interface respectively.

  • Enforced precise temperature control through an adaptive PID controller, stretching from 50°C to 300°C.
  • Seamless communication facilitated by the MODBUS RTU Protocol and RS 485 Interface.
  • Safety and efficiency are assured by the inclusion of multiple protection features and a closed circulation system, suitable for high-temperature operations.

A dependable asset for the chemical, pharmaceutical and other industrial sectors striving for optimized cooling processes.

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High-Performance Cooling Process Equipment with a Wide Temperature Range

The High-Performance Cooling Process Equipment is your ultimate choice for accurate and efficient cooling in demanding high-temperature environments. This equipment boasts a broad operating temperature range from 50°C to 300°C, allowing for its convenient use in diverse applications requiring specific cooling temperatures.

Sophisticated and Efficient Design

Built for optimum versatility and reliable functioning, our Cooling Process Equipment has been engineered with state-of-the-art features that optimize operation and enhance user interaction. The equipment can serve you efficiently in variable conditions, thanks to its PID Adaptive Controller's flawless performance.

Unmatched Performance and Accuracy

  • With our Heat-Conducting Medium Outlet Temperature Control, you can be assured of consistent cooling performance, key for precision in temperature-sensitive operations.
  • The high level of accuracy (±0.5°C across all models) that these units bring cannot be rivaled. Allow your processes to benefit from the specificity and dependability offered by our Cooling Process Equipment.

Communication and Networking

  • Our equipment empowers you to leverage the power and convenience of network connectivity and machine-to-machine communication with the built-in MODBUS RTU Protocol and RS 485 interface.

Powerful Capacity, Safety, and Efficiency

  • With heating power that ranges from 2kW to 10kW and a cooling capacity tailored to temperature needs, this equipment isn't just versatile; it's powerful. Handle high-temperature cooling processes with assured ease.
  • Our high-temperature Cooling Process Equipment is dedicated to safety, with a self-diagnosis function and numerous protection features integrated into its design. The closed circulation system maximizes operational efficiency, providing you with cost-effective and reliable cooling solutions.


Constructed from robust, cold-rolled steel with optional SUS304 case material, these units offer durability and long service life. Adaptable to diverse input requirements, our equipment can operate on either AC 220V 50HZ or AC 380V 50HZ, with optional power configurations available.

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