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Advanced High Temperature Machine | Precise Temperature Control & High Efficiency.

  • Dedicated to applications needing high-temperature control.
  • Features wide model availability and PID adaptive controller.
  • Offers 2kW-10kW heating power and user-friendly operation.
  • Enhanced with safety features such as freezer overload and high pressure protections, overload relay, thermal, and liquid low level protection devices, as well as temperature fault and high-temperature protections.
  • Delivers optional features like data export to excel, temperature curve recording, a color touch screen controller, and SUS304 case material.
  • Expect a delivery lead time of approximately 25 days.
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Advanced High Temperature Machines: Exceptional Temperature Control & Enhanced Efficiency

Discover superior levels of precision with our Advanced High Temperature Machines. Designed meticulously, these machines present an optimal solution for maintaining various temperature ranges and capacities. Their versatility and precision make them a top choice for environments where accuracy is of utmost importance.

Key Features:

  • Spanning Temperature Range: Caters to broad temperature needs, ranging from 50u00b0C to 300u00b0C, offering adaptability to several application domains.
  • Unmatched Precision: Integrated with a PID adaptive controller, these machines render precise temperature regulation with unmatched consistency.
  • Advanced Communication: Features MODBUS RTU Protocol and RS 485 Interface, a standard in the industry, for improved connectivity.
  • Accurate Temperature Feedback: Fitted with a heat-conducting medium temperature feedback mechanism (PT100) ensuring precise temperature control.
  • Powerful Heating: Heating capacity varies from 2kW to 10kW per model, providing rapid and reliable heating.
  • Efficient Circulation Pump: Includes a maxium circulation pump range of between 10L/min and 50L/min, contributing to operational efficiency.
  • Convenient Digital Display: Features a touch screen display for easy temperature setting and testing conditions.

Our Advanced High Temperature Machines also come equipped with extensive safety features like self-diagnosis, high temperature protection, and a closed circulation system that prevents oil mist and water vapour. Optional features include temperature curve record and the ability to export data to Excel format.

Built with top-tier materials and delivering within 25 days, our Advanced High Temperature Machines present an efficient and reliable solution for precise temperature control.

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