Premium High Temperature Alumina Ceramic Tube for Ceramic Piston Pumps

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High-Quality High Temperature Alumina Ceramic Tube for Ceramic Piston Pumps is a hard-wearing, high-performance component vital for precision operations in industries such as pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics. It features:



  • HighTemperature Tolerance: Performs up to 1000°C, ensuring durability in high heat conditions.
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  • Superior Hardness: A high Vickers score of over 513, demonstrating extreme robustness.
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  • Chemical Compatibility: Its resistance to both acidic and basic substances makes it incredibly versatile.
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  • Particle Release Reduction: Ensures hygienic and precise operations, crucial in industries such as pharmaceuticals and food processing.
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  • Broad Functionality: Primarily suited for liquid filling machines worldwide, across various sectors.
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The High-Quality High Temperature Alumina Ceramic Tube for Ceramic Piston Pumps is a superior component meticulously designed for usage in pharmaceutical industry machines. Its precision significantly enhances micro-volume fluid filling in ceramic piston pumps, making it a top-tier choice for a range of pharmaceutical applications.

  • Featuring a Vickers hardness of 13 to ensure robustness and extended service lifespan.
  • Capable of tolerating extreme temperatures up to 1000°C, ensuring reliable performance under intense conditions.
  • Zero porosity heightens its resilience against acid and alkali, a crucial feature when dealing with diverse pharmaceutical substances.
  • An impressively low surface roughness level, below 0.2µm, ensures seamless integration into any manufacturing system.
  • Minimal particle release throughout its lifespan helps keep the substances contamination-free.
  • A versatile solution, applicable for liquid filling machines not only in pharmaceutical manufacturing, but also in the food and cosmetics industries across globally significant markets such as China, Germany, Italy, America, and Japan.

Our products pass through rigorous testing processes to comply with stringent physical dimension and application function standards. With reliable technical support, we also provide professional repair and replacement services for an effortless user experience.

Packaged meticulously with foam within a wooden case to ensure safe delivery, we also cater to custom packaging needs based on customer requirements.

Note: The manufacturing lead time for this product is within 25 days.

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