Quality High-Speed Band Saw: Precision Cut Across Varied Materials

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The High-Speed Band Saw is your precise cutting solution for a variety of materials, particularly steel. It’s built with a 2-column gantry structure for stability and fitted with automatic self-aligned hydraulic clamping for pinpoint accuracy. Key features include:

  • A metal thin wall blade for minimal waste and power use.
  • Suitable for pipes within DN50-600 in diameter and 5-90mm wall thickness.
  • A PLC touchscreen for efficient control.
  • An optional Grating Length Measuring Function (CMBS-24) for enhanced precision.
  • An emergency stop function for safety.

Its adjustable speed capacities further ensure flexibility and efficiency in operations. Ideal for diverse verticals that involve extensive metalwork.

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High-Speed Band Saw: Your Precision Cutting Solution | Band Saw for Varied Metals and Material Sizes

Upgrade your cutting operations with our innovative High-Speed Band Saw, a precision-engineered solution for varied materials. This potent tool flawlessly merges safety and high performance, pushing the boundaries of metal cutting with exceptional practicality and a robust construct.

A distinctive feature of this band saw is its horizontal 2-column gantry structure alongside the double oil cylinder, delivering steadfast service and impeccably precise cuts every time. The versatile application range ensures accommodation of pipe sizes with diameters ranging from DN50-600 and thickness between 5-90mm, effectively catering to a vast spectrum of cutting requirements.

The state-of-the-art hydraulic clamping system excels in enhancing operational ease while expertly self-aligning, thus saving effort and effectuating a seamless workflow. This band saw also comes with a quick-acting emergency stop function that activates if the blade breaks, emphasizing the paramount importance of user safety.

In favor of precise control and task-specific customization, cutting speed and blade feeding rate are adjustable, thereby providing absolute control over every cut. The smart design utilizes a thin-walled metal saw blade to create a narrow cut notch, reducing power consumption and optimizing resource utilization.

This band saw is empowered with a reliable PLC touch screen control for straightforward and efficient usage. It also features an advanced optional CMBS-24 measurement function, taking cutting accuracy to the next level. The power requirements are compatible with the majority of standard setups, with a wattage of 380V 50Hz.

Combining a hydraulic motor power of 1.5kw and a main motor power of 7.5kw, this remarkable tool provides impressive power while ensuring operational efficiency. Lastly, the unique water-cooled blade sawing cutting method assures a gratifying cutting experience.

Whether you're after safety, efficiency, or precision cutting, our High-Speed Band Saw is the worthy companion to your enterprise. Its quality and loaded features make it a reliable choice for diverse cutting situations, guiding you on your journey towards cost reduction and maximization of materials.

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