High Quality 60MLPET Clamshell Gel Bottle - Durable & Customizable ISO9001 Certified Bottles

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High Quality 60ML PET Clamshell Gel Bottle: ISO9001 Certified, Customizable and Stylish

A versatile 60ml PET Clamshell Gel Bottle designed for personal care and industrial applications including hand sanitizers. Built with durability in mind and a trendy design:

  • Customizability: Vibrant, and personalized color options
  • Capacity: Maximum volume of 500ml, fitting for various demands
  • Manufacturing Excellence: Constructed by ISO9001 certified company, BOEN
  • Printing Options: Silk screen printing and sticker customization available

An ideal solution for stylish packaging needs, this bottle guarantees quality and functional design. Product samples available upon request.

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High Quality 60MLPET Clamshell Gel Bottle - A Fusion of Style and Efficiency

Introducing our High Quality 60MLPET Clamshell Gel Bottle - a versatile, reliable and stylish solution for storing hand sanitizers. This bottle, crafted with excellence, triumphantly meets all your personal and business needs and is compliant with rigorous ISO and CE standards, thereby bearing the proud mark of quality assurance.

Outstanding Durability and Material Quality

Crafted with premium PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), the bottle offers superior chemical resistance which makes it the perfect container for storing hand sanitizers. The robust PET material ensures the bottle’s longevity, delivering consistent performance regardless of frequent user handling. In addition, the cap is crafted with durable PP (Polypropylene) which prevents any spillage or leakages, promising optimal protection.

Customizable and Sizeable

The 60MLPET Clamshell Gel Bottle is customizable in terms of color, enabling it to blend seamlessly with your brand identity or aesthetic preferences. Moreover, the bottle's high-volume capacity of 500ML makes it ideal for a multitude of applications across different sectors. The silk screen printing and sticker customization options provide a unique and personalized touch to the product.

Quality Certifications

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our ISO9001 and CE certifications. These distinguished certifications offer an added assurance regarding the product's durability, effectiveness, and reliability.

Versatile Industrial Use

Apart from being perfect for hand sanitizers, the High Quality 60MLPET Clamshell Gel Bottle can be utilized in various industries including health, hospitality, commercial enterprises, workplaces, and households. Its universal appeal and stylish design make it a superb addition to any setting.

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