Premium 60ML PET Clamshell Gel Bottle: Durable and Customizable for Hand Sanitizers

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Premium 60ML PET Clamshell Gel Bottle for Hand Sanitizers

This compact and robust 60ML PET Clamshell Gel Bottle is perfect for storing hand sanitizers. Made of high-grade PET material, it provides adequate storage space and is durable.

  • 60ml Capacity: Great for everyday use, negating the need for continuous refilling.
  • Color and Printing Customization: Match the container with your brand aesthetics.
  • Leak-Proof and Enduring: Constructed from sturdy PET material with an airtight PP lid to prevent leakage.

Ensuring superior quality, this bottle has received ISO9001 and CE certifications. The clamshell design defends against accidental spills, making your sanitizers instantly usable, wherever you are.

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High-Quality 60ML PET Clamshell Gel Bottle for Hand Sanitizers

Experience the epitome of durability and aesthetic style with the 60ML PET Clamshell Gel Bottle, meticulously crafted for the secure containment of hand sanitizers and semi-liquid solutions. Manufactured in Zhejiang, China, this superior quality product upholds dependable product life and safety compliance.

The bottle comprises robust PET material famous for its longevity, making it an ideal choice for everyday use. Customizable in various colors, it aims to resonate with your brand identity matching your aesthetics. The PP cap adds an extra layer of security, ensuring the contents remain safe and untouched.

Key Features:

  • Industrial Use: Perfectly suitable for encapsulating hand sanitizers and a plethora of semi-liquid solutions
  • Material: Manifestation of durability with high-quality PET body and PP cap, which imposes longevity and safeguards the contents
  • Customizability: Available in a wide array of hues to fit into your brand's signature style
  • Conformance: Compliance with ISO9001, CE standards vouches for its quality and safety
  • Capacity: A generous 60ML capacity provides ample storage for regular usage
  • Printing: Silk screen printing or sticker application for increased brand visibility, offering a customized look

Invest in our High-Quality 60ML PET Clamshell Gel Bottle for reliable, convenient, and stylish storage of hand sanitizers or other semi-liquid solutions. This bottle leads in both function and design, making it a discerning choice for businesses seeking quality, reliability, and brand expression.

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