High Purity BA/EP Gas Piping: Superior Quality Assurance & High Performance

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Experience the ultimate efficiency with the High Purity BA/EP Gas Piping, meticulously crafted to comply with the highest industry standards such as ASTM G93 or E49.6. Unmatched features are:

  • Ultrasonic Wave Cleaning: Ultra-effective removal of impurities.
  • High Purity Nitrogen Purging: Drastically improves performance by eliminating residual gases and impurities.
  • 18mu03a9 Ultra Clean Tube: Superior corrosion resistance, ensuring purity during gas transportation.
  • Clean Room Packing: Exceptional protection from contamination during storage and shipping.
  • Traceability: Unique product codes for quick and accurate identification of manufacturing details.

This superior quality product is perfect for applications in gas chromatography, gas analysis, high-purity gas transfer, and research laboratories. Ultimate satisfaction guaranteed, however, note that product samples are not included.

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High Purity BA/EP Gas Piping: Superior Quality & Performance for Critical Applications

Our High Purity BA/EP Gas Piping sets a new industry standard for cleanliness, reliability, and performance. Engineered with precision and innovative technology, we provide an optimized solution for the most demanding industries and their varying requirements.

Developed via an ultrasonic wave cleaning process, the level of cleanliness and purity achieved by our BA/EP gas piping exceeds the stringent specifications laid down by ASTM G93 or E49.6. It has been designed to ensure high-performance that speaks volumes about our commitment towards delivering unrivaled quality.

Key Features

  • The product goes through an ultrasonic wave cleaning process, the result of which is an exceptionally clean and highly pure BA/EP gas piping that meets and beats the ASTM G93 or E49.6 standards.
  • The use of high purity nitrogen purge ensures pristine cleanliness and optimal performance, making it a perfect fit for critical applications.
  • The 18μΩ ultra-clean tube guarantees reliable results and steadfast performance, promising superior quality.
  • The packing process is carried out in cleanroom environments maintaining rigorous standards of cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Each tube is marked with a traceability code spray, so you are constantly assured of the product's quality and origin.

Preferred and trusted across Central/South America, Australasia, and Asia, our High Purity Gas Piping has shown exemplary performance and has been the go-to choice in these regions. The packing procedure is foolproof – each tube is packed using a double anti-static bag ensuring it reaches our customers in optimal condition, preserving its high quality, no matter the distance.

Choose our High Purity BA/EP Gas Piping and experience its unmatched quality and reliability firsthand.

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