High & Low Temperature Liquid Circulator HR-25N - Unparalleled Precision Lab Solutions

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High and Low Temperature Liquid Circulator – Efficient Lab Solution

Developed for consistent temperature precision in laboratories and industry settings, the HR-25N High and Low Temperature Liquid Circulator is an efficient and robust piece of equipment. Its wide temperature control spectrum from -20u2103 to 200u2103 facilities both cooling and heating tasks. Key Features:

  • Wide temperature range for versatile cooling and heating functionalities.
  • Dual-LED display ensuring precise monitoring and setting.
  • Speedy liquid restoration coupled with continuous, swift cooling at elevated temperatures.
  • Advanced safety measures with high-lift design for enhanced operational safety.

HR-25N features a closed-cycle system, extending heat transfer fluid lifespan and ensuring operational efficiency. Suited for diverse temperature control needs, HR-25N is your go-to for reliable performance.

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High and Low Temperature Liquid Circulator HR-25N: Precision Meets Versatility in Lab Solutions

Unveiling the High and Low Temperature Liquid Circulator HR-25N - a breakthrough innovation in laboratory equipment. Engineered to perfection, this high precision lab tool offers a seamless closed liquid circulation system, ensuring an adiabatic environment ideal for applications demanding meticulous consistency and accuracy. So whether it's for heating or rapid cooling, this system paves the way for a broad spectrum of applications in diverse laboratory settings.

Key Features:

  • Flexible working temperature ranging from as low as -20°C up to 200°C.
  • Integrates dual LED display controllers for accurate temperature readouts and alarm indicators for enhanced safety measures.
  • User-friendly liquid topping process for added convenience.
  • Quick cooling at soaring temperatures with wide temperature controls.
  • Ensures safety and longevity of the lab and the heat transfer fluid with its closed-cycle system.
  • Employs high-quality Copeland brand compressor and circulation pump for reliable stability and excellent quality.
  • Loaded with smart features including self-diagnosis system and multiple protection mechanisms such as high pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device, liquid low level, high temperature, and temperature fault protection.
  • Uniform heat conduction for precise control of the heat-conducting medium temperature.
  • High-lift design enables long-distance transportation of the heat-conducting medium.


The High and Low Temperature Liquid Circulator HR-25N is a cost-effective, scientifically approved lab solution that champions precision, reliability, and versatility. It is well-equipped to handle the rigors of robust temperature control, making it an essential addition to any laboratory demanding high-performing, resilient, and versatile equipment.

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