HG (Single & Double Tambour) Drum Dryer - Leading Efficiency Across Industries

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HG (Single & Double Tambour) Drum Dryer

Optimize operations with our high-performance HG Drum Dryer. Designed for superior drying efficiency, it employs internal heat conduction for state-of-the-art drying performance in sectors like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and metallurgy. Key features include:

  • Excellent Heat Efficiency: Achieves 70-80% heat efficiency for faster, more productive drying.
  • Flexible Applications: Adapts to a wide array of materials and production needs.
  • Fast Drying: Delivers quick drying within 10 to 300 seconds, perfect for heat-sensitive materials.
  • High Evaporation Strength: Up to 20-70 kg.H2O/m2.h with 0.3 to 1.5mm film thickness.
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HG (Single & Double Tambour) Drum Dryer - Transforming Efficiency in Diverse Industries

The HG (Single & Double Tambour) Drum Dryer is a zenith of continuous drying technology, offering superior performance across varied industries - chemical, dyestuff, pharmaceutical, foodstuff, and metallurgy. Its powerhouse performance is driven by advanced internal heat conduction technology, reinforcing your industry with unmatched efficiency.

  • Incredible Heat Efficiency: Outstripping market competition, this dryer ensures 70-80% heat efficiency with innovative conduction technology. Witness a rise in productivity with lower energy usage.
  • Adjustable Drying Factors: Catered to handle a range of materials and production requirements, the dryer offers flexibility in adjusting drying conditions. Adapt to diverse drying needs effortlessly.
  • Rapid Drying: Ideal for heat-sensitive materials, the drying time is remarkable, ranging between 10 to 300 seconds. Achieve faster production turnovers.
  • Highly Efficient Drying Rate: Exemplary evaporation capacity is on offer, reaching 20-70 kg.H2O/m2.h with film thickness of 0.3 and 1.5mm. Enhance production without compromising on quality.

With an emphasis on user experience, the HG Drum Dryer requires straightforward installation and hassle-free maintenance. Regular lubrication of transmission parts is all that is necessary to ensure its consistent operation. For businesses aiming for superior production efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and reliable quality, the HG (Single & Double Tambour) Drum Dryer is an irreplaceable choice.

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