HF Radio Mobile Kit - Codan NGT-SRx: Reliable Long-Range Communication Solution

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Product Name: HF Radio Mobile Kit – Codan NGT-SRx: Your ultimate companion for robust and reliable communication. The kit is a comprehensive communication solution packed with multiple features.

  • Inclusive: The complete kit comprises a radio, handset, RF unit, junction box, mobile antenna, and the essential cables, ensuring you have everything you need for effective communication.
  • Features: The radio kit features a mix of functionalities, including standard 4/6-digit selective and emergency calling, ALE/CALM, GPS functionality, and a support range of up to 30MHz. It is perfect for standard HF networks and emergency situations.
  • Usability: This kit is especially beneficial for regions that require independent radio networks. Frequency licensing may be required in certain countries, and it’s ideal for areas ranked as security phase I or above.
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Product Overview

The HF Radio Mobile Kit - Codan NGT-SRx is an exceptional communication companion designed to deliver reliable and robust interaction during emergencies, in high-security environments, and in areas with limited infrastructure. This kit is a sophisticated blend of high-level technology, user-friendly functionality, and compact design.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Kit: The product includes a radio, RF unit, two antenna whips, power cables with a fuse, a junction box, and other crucial elements for effortless setup.
  • Advanced Selective Calling: The system enables both 4/6-digit selective calling and emergency calling for enhanced communication flexibility.
  • Inbuilt GPS: Equipped with a powerful GPS for robust tracking, ensuring you stay connected wherever you are.
  • Data-Ready Unit: The additional cooling fans ensure smooth and unbreakable connection with the Codan data modem.
  • Sophisticated Features: Features such as ALE/CALM and optional telephone interconnect substantially increase operational efficiency.
  • Wide Frequency Range: Covers a broad frequency range from 1.6-30MHz with 125W PEP and 400 channels, offering versatile and effective communication.
  • Portable and Compact: A lightweight device weighing just 4kg, designed for easy transport and placement.
  • Universal Appeal: Apt for locations needing independent radio networks, specifically in high-security regions.

Packaging and Usage

Your Codan NGT-SRx arrives securely packaged in a robust box to assure safe delivery. Users should comply with regional restrictions and acquire appropriate import and frequency licenses for radio equipment.

The HF Radio Mobile Kit - Codan NGT-SRx is your ultimate solution for secure and reliable long-range communication, proving an indispensable tool in emergency and security situations.

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