Superior HF Radio Mobile Station Kit with 3040 Antenna Tuner - Ultimate Communication Solution

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The HF Radio Mobile Station Kit with 3040 Antenna Tuner offers seamless integration for superior communication. This high-performance kit is designed for universal HF network compatibility. An extensive 1.6-30MHz frequency range and 125W PEP output augment connectivity.

  • Universal HF network compatibility for comprehensive global connectivity
  • 1.6-30MHz frequency range with a robust 125W PEP output
  • Integrates GPS, ALE, and CALM systems heightening communication quality
  • Automatic Antenna Tuner included maximizes signal efficiency
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Unleash Unrivaled Connectivity with the HF Radio Mobile Station Kit with 3040 Antenna Tuner

Meet the future of your HF network operations: the superior HF Radio Mobile Station Kit complete with a 3040 Antenna Tuner. Compact, lightweight, and designed for superior performance - seamless integration into your existing system is only the beginning.

Our HF mobile station radio kit isn't just a product, it's your ultimate communication solution. Its innovative design promotes efficient mobile operation. Yet, despite its compact design, it commands robust capabilities.

  • The radio kit boasts a wide frequency range between 1.6-30MHz, 125W PEP, and 400 channels. This extensive range and channel variety facilitate seamless communication across diverse transmissions, including USB/LSB, AM, AFSK, and scanning.
  • Navigate with confidence with an integrated GPS. ALE/CALM and optional telephone interconnect offer unrivaled connectivity, regardless of geographical constraints. Enhance your communication further with standard 4/6-digit selective calling and emergency calling.
  • Designed for immediate data transmission, the radio kit integrates flawlessly with your Codan data modem. Additional cooling fans ensure an unbroken and uninterrupted interconnection.
  • The kit is comprehensive, serving you with everything needed for a prompt and efficient setup: Radio with handset, RF unit, junction box, power cables with fuse, mobile antenna whips, coaxial cable, and control cable. A quick start yet with long-term benefits.

The HF Radio Mobile Station maintains a compact and lightweight frame for easy mobile operation. The estimated weight of the package is just 4kg, keeping it light and portable.

Please confer with your local authorities regarding any import or frequency licensing requirements prior to ordering.

Opt for this HF Radio Mobile Station Kit with 3040 Antenna Tuner to revel in unrivaled communication performance - be the one in control of future network operations.

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