Portable HF Radio Manpack Kit with Codan 2110 Transceiver - Your Ultimate Field Communication Solution

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Product: Improve field communication with the Portable HF Radio Manpack Kit, inclusive of a Codan 2110 Transceiver. With 400 channels and a frequency range of 1.6 – 30MHz, this kit ensures broad coverage and clear signal transmission. Its 25-watt power output, internal GPS, and potential for high-speed data transmission upgrade promise versatile, dependable usage. Included in the bundle are necessary battery packs and antennas for optimum performance. A built-in antenna tuner refines your transmission, while additional items, like a solar battery charger kit, are available separately.

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Equip Yourself with the Portable HF Radio Manpack Kit Featuring the Codan 2110 Transceiver

Enhance your field communication capabilities with the Portable HF Radio Manpack Kit, featuring the Codan 2110 Transceiver. This compact, reliable, and high-performing set is the ultimate solution for demanding and harsh environments, responding with stellar performance in emergency situations, or when requiring efficient communication.

Exceptional Features for Outstanding Performance

  • Experience broad communication with 400 channels operating between 1.6-30MHz and a receiving range of 250KHz - 30MHz.
  • Benefit from effective and dependable communication with a robust 25-watt signal strength and 12 VDC voltage operation.
  • Enjoy superior device performance and trouble-free handling, thanks to the in-built automatic tuner.
  • Designed to withstand extreme conditions, the weatherproof body is rugged and versatile.
  • Extend your communication options with various call features including selective call, group call, emergency call, and phone calls, along with messaging capabilities of up to 64 characters.
  • Stay informed with precise location tracking with integrated GPS and support for locally and remotely diagnosing channel testing.
  • Improve your network connection quality and reliability with ALE (CALM) feature.

All-Encompassing Manpack Kit

The comprehensive Manpack kit comes equipped with a Codan 2110 transceiver, handset, earth wire, counterpoise, and manual. Enhance your signal reception with a 3m collapsible whip antenna and a long-wire antenna complete with an adaptor. Other components include a sturdy 12 V 8 Ah NiMH battery pack, AC and DC battery chargers with input cables, and the convenience of easily connecting the transceiver using the provided 19-way charger output cable (Front panel). All components fit neatly into a backpack equipped with an internal X-Frame. Additional accessories, such as antennas, battery packs, and a solar battery charger kit, are available for separate purchase.

Upgrade your Manpack 2110 with a data modem for high-speed data transmission, suitable mostly for limited usage and not ideal for emailing.

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