Codan NGT-SRx HF Radio Base Kit - Reliable Communication Solution for Tough Environments

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Codan NGT-SRx HF Radio Base Kit – Reliable Communication in Challenging Environments offers a durable solution for communication in harsh terrains. Its powerful HF range of 1.6-30MHz ensures reliable connection.

  • Comprehensive Kit: Equipped with essential components like handset, radio frequency unit and power apparatus.
  • Advanced Features: Incorporates emergency calling, GPS, Data readiness for Codan modem integration, and 400 channels for versatile use.
  • Multipurpose Use: Ideal for standard networks, high-security zones, and remote locations with scant infrastructure.
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The Codan NGT-SRx HF Radio Base Kit is a high-performance communication solution designed to deliver superior performance in challenging environments and complex network scenarios. Ideal for emergency and secured networks, this kit offers dependability and ease of use.

Key features include:

  • An operational frequency band from 1.6-30MHz and an impressive 125W PEP output, facilitating high amplitude, ultra-clear communication.
  • A comprehensive kit that comprises a radio with handset, RF unit, PSU, power cables with fuse, desk console, base antenna, coaxial cable, and lightning arrestor, all of which work together to ensure efficient setup and uninterrupted operation.
  • Integration of 4/6-digit selective calling, emergency calls, and GPS functionality, enabling the device to meet diverse situational demands with precise and convenient responses.
  • Flexibility in communication provided by the availability of 400 channels and various features like USB/LSB, AM, AFSK, and scanning.
  • Data-ready design with additional cooling fans, compatible with the Codan data modem, ensuring high data loads do not hamper performance.
  • A compact form factor with a weight of just 6.6kg and volume of only 0.2m3, ideal for mobile use without sacrificing performance.

Please keep in mind that import and frequency licensing might be required depending on the country of operation. The Codan NGT-SRx HF Radio Base Kit is a reliable communication partner for challenging terrains.

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