Heavy Duty Power Inverter 12V/220V, 2000W/5000W | Reliable & Efficient Power Solution

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Heavy Duty Inverter – 12V/220V, 2000W/5000W | Robust and Reliable Power Conversion

Delivering efficient conversion from 12V DC to 220V AC power, this Heavy-Duty Inverter provides a continuous output of 2000W and a peak of 5000W. Specially designed for diverse applications, including outdoor activities, emergency backup and sensitive electronics.

  • Power Capacity: Constant at 2000W; Peaks at 5000W
  • Voltage Range: Effective between 10.5 – 16V
  • Performance: Supplies 50Hz frequency power ± 0.05% consistently
  • Safety Measures: Built-in protections for over/under-voltage and short-circuits

Reliable, durable and versatile, it’s a valuable solution for all your heavy-duty power needs.

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Introducing the Heavy Duty Power Inverter - 12V/220V, 2000W/5000W, your ultimate power conversion solution perfect for versatile applications. This robust, high-capacity inverter guarantees efficient and dependable power transformation, whether you are on a camping trip, at a construction site, or in need of a steadfast backup power source.

Offering a continuous power capacity of 2000W and a peak power output of 5000W, this power inverter caters to your heavy-duty power needs without compromising on efficiency. With its ability to convert 12V DC power into 220V AC power, it enables the use of AC-dependent appliances and devices anytime, anywhere.

Engineered with durability and reliability in mind, our power inverter operates within an input voltage range of 10.5 - 16V, ensuring consistent power quality despite fluctuating input power levels. It stands up to the rugged conditions, withstanding the harshest environments while ensuring smooth mechanics and perfect operation.

The power inverter isn't just efficient, but safe too. Equipped with an array of safety measures, it guards against the risk of overload, overheating, and short circuit. The additional low voltage alarm and shutdown feature further protects your connected devices from potential damage.

Featuring a stable power output with a frequency of 50Hz ± 0.05%, our inverter guarantees consistent power supply to your appliances and tools, even in challenging power scenarios. The high capacity facilitates uninterrupted operation of your devices, making it a reliable power solution for your diverse energy needs.

For those demanding lower power output, we also offer an alternative - the Heavy Duty Inverter - 12V/220V, 800W/2400W. Ideal for smaller setups, it ensures reliable power conversion at a reduced output, serving your specific power requirements efficiently.

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