Premium Industrial Heating and Cooling Circulation Equipment | Advanced Eco-friendly Temperature Control

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Premium Industrial Heating and Cooling Circulation Equipment: Advanced and eco-friendly temperature controlling machinery aiding various industrial needs. Models: SUNDI-725WN, SUNDI-735WN, SUNDI-755W.

  • Temperature Range: Vast scope covering -70°C to 250°C, catering to varying operational environments.
  • Precision Control: Equipped with forward PID + dynamic control and PLC controller for exact operation.
  • Smooth Communication: Inclusion of MODBUS RTU Protocol and RS 485 Interface ensures gapless intersystem communication.
  • User Interaction: 7-inch touchscreen display with temperature graph recording and data export in .xls format simplifies data handling.
  • Safety: Fitted with self-diagnostic tool, high-pressure toggle, overload relay, and thermal protective mechanism for optimal safety.
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Premium Industrial Heating and Cooling Circulation Equipment | Advanced Eco-friendly Temperature Control

The future of efficient industrial temperature regulation is here with the inclusion of our top-of-the-range Heating and Cooling Circulation Equipment. Specially engineered for optimal performance, this cutting-edge temperature control apparatus effectively integrates outstanding functionality with an ecological conscience.

Key Features

The device comes packed with extraordinary features providing you with superior temperature control:

  • Technological Superiority: Equipped with the avant-garde in temperature regulation technology, the equipment guarantees unparalleled efficacy and exactitude in manifold industrial environments.
  • Energy-Efficient Design: The pioneering design of the system ensures peak performance with reduced energy consumption, consequently lowering operational expenses.
  • Eco-Friendly Elements: Our well-designed cooling system uses eco-sensitive components, raising the bar in environmental sustainability by adhering to global 'green' standards.
  • Built to Last: The product's sturdy build asserts prolonged durability. It offers resilience to diverse operation conditions, assuring an outstanding lifespan.
  • Easy to Operate: A highly intuitive interface ensures effortless operation, letting you modulate temperature regulation with ease.

This multipurpose apparatus has revolutionized temperature regulation in laboratories and industries across the globe, amping up operational efficiency with an accurate temperature control.

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In line with our commitment to superior customer service and support, we implement stringent delivery and packaging protocols. Your order is carefully packaged in a robust wooden case to safeguard against damage during transit. We also pride ourselves on our time-bound delivery service, ensuring that your product arrives right on schedule.

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