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Advanced Control Heat Transfer Systems with High-Performance Components offer industry-leading temperature control capabilities, ranging from -70u2103 to 250u2103. Key features include:

  • Feed-Forward PID: Provides superior control
  • Premium Components: Features trusted components such as Copeland compressors, Danfoss expansion valves, and Emerson oil separators
  • Advanced Control: Boasts a 7-inch color touchscreen, a full closed circulation system, and a self-diagnosis function for streamlined operation
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from corrosion and wear-resistant SUS 304

The product delivers reliable, efficient, and stable heat transfer suitable for a wide array of applications.

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High-Precision Advanced Control Heat Transfer Systems

Experience unprecedented temperature accuracy with our state-of-the-art Heat Transfer Systems. Engineered for adaptability and control, our products cater to an extensive temperature range, from -70u00b0C to 250u00b0C, ensuring temperature accuracy within u00b11u00b0C.

The versatile range of models, including SUNDI-725WN, SUNDI-735WN, SUNDI-755W, and others, efficiently serve varying thermal processes across diverse applications. Our systems integrate advanced feed-forward PID and a PLC controller for enhanced stability and reliability to meet diverse industrial needs.

Key features of our cutting-edge Heat Transfer Systems include:

  • Dynamic Program Editor: Furnished with 20 adaptable programs, each customizable up to 45 steps, enabling precise process control.
  • Enhanced Interoperability: Incorporates the universally accepted MODBUS RTU protocol via RS 485 Interface, ensuring smooth integration and robust compatibility across devices.
  • Accurate Temperature Feedback: Employs PT100 for accurate real-time temperature monitoring in the heat-conducting medium and the raw material process.
  • Superior Power Performance: Strong heating power ranging from 2500W to 15000W accommodates a vast range of applications for optimum functionality.

Fitted with top-grade components like Copeland compressors, Danfoss expansion valves, and Emerson oil separators, our systems promise high performance, enhanced lifespan, and operational efficiency. The 7-inch color touchscreen controller with self-diagnosis capabilities boosts ease-of-use, while the fully enclosed circulation system enhances performance efficiency.

Our systems are encased in a robust structure fabricated with durable SUS 304 material. We offer Ethernet interfaces for seamless network connectivity and multiple power options tailored to meet specific needs. Catering to evolving industrial demands, our Heat Transfer Systems are a perfect blend of enhanced performance and advanced control.

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