Headstock-Tailstock Positioner: Premier Solution for Advanced Welding Operations

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Maximize your welding efficiency with our advanced Headstock-Tailstock Positioner. Its standout features include:

  • Flexible rotation: Adaptability to various pipe configurations.
  • High payload capacity: Ideal for heavy-duty welding tasks.
  • Customizable diameter: Offers versatility and user-oriented operation.
  • Durability and longevity: High-quality build ensures long-term service.
  • Safety features: Includes overload protection and emergency stop buttons for user safety.

This user-friendly and robust tool simplifies complex welding tasks, enhancing productivity in construction, manufacturing, and maintenance disciplines. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned welder, this tool is a valuable addition to your kit.

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Maximize Your Welding Efficiency with the Headstock-Tailstock Positioner

Step into the next level of welding operations with the Headstock-Tailstock Positioner - an intuitive, high-performing, and efficient piece of equipment incorporating advanced features to seamlessly adapt to your complex welding requirements with remarkable durability.

Constructed with superior-grade materials, this versatile device delivers powerful performance across diverse welding applications. It efficiently integrates with supporters and column & boom, crafting a proficient rig for handling multiple industrial applications.

Unmatched Features

  • Available Models: HDV1000, HDV2500, HDV5000 - catering to varied operational needs
  • High payload capacity: Choose from 1000KG, 2500KG, or 5000KG for that perfect fit to your requirements
  • High-efficiency AC servo/AC inverter drive system to maximize performance and minimize power consumption
  • Personalized Diameter: Crafted to align with your specific needs
  • 360u00b0 Rotation Angle: Ensuring full-circle movement for optimal flexibility
  • Variable rotation speeds: Customize as per different pipe sizes for ultimate precision

The Headstock-Tailstock Positioner unites high functionality and remarkable ease of operation to simplify your welding tasks. This tool is designed to endure the rigors of heavy usage, promising an extensive lifespan and consistent performance. Boost your efficiency, improve precision, and get unparalleled control over your welding tasks with the incredible Headstock-Tailstock Positioner.

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