Steadfast 5KVA HE* Diesel Generator at 50Hz: Your Reliable & Efficient Power Solution

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Steadfast 5KVA HE* Diesel Generator at 50Hz is an efficient power solution designed for longevity and reliable performance in multiple environments. Made with high-quality metals for durability, it provides a steady power supply while requiring minimal upkeep. The generator’s low noise operation and user-friendly controls make it an excellent choice for industrial, construction, and emergency backup power needs.

  • Power Output: 5KVA, Frequency: 50Hz, Power Rating: 4.0kW.
  • User-friendly Controls: Easy to operate.
  • Compact and Portable: Allowing easy transportation and installation.
  • Free from hazardous materials subject to transport regulations.
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Steadfast 5KVA HE* Diesel Generator at 50Hz - Reliable & Efficient Power Solution

Experience reliable and efficient power supply with the Steadfast 5KVA HE* Diesel Generator. This versatile power solution boasts a solid output of 5KVA, rendering it suitable for an array of applications - be it commercial, industrial, or residential. The HE* Diesel Generator stands as a testament to steadfast performance and unwavering efficiency.

Running at a frequency of 50Hz, this generator delivers high-grade performance consistently. Its robust power rating of 4.0kW further ensures a steady performance that caters to diverse power needs. The voltage output ranges from 400V from Phase to Phase and 230V from Phase to neutral in a 3-phase system, fulfilling varied power needs without a hitch.

The HE* Diesel Generator comes equipped with a water-cooled system, a feature that sets it apart from air-cooled generators. Water is an effective heat absorber and helps maintain an ideal temperature during uninterrupted operation, thus enhancing the generator's durability and increasing its lifespan significantly.

The HE* Diesel Generator is a responsible choice as well – its design adheres to the highest environmental standards. Additionally, it doesn't contain any hazardous materials subject to transportation regulations. For detailed safety instructions and a comprehensive disclosure of ingredients, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Key Features:

  • Power output of 5KVA
  • Operational frequency of 50Hz
  • Power rating of 4.0kW
  • Voltage range of 400V Phase to Phase, 230V Phase to neutral - 3 phase
  • Equipped with a water-cooling system

Invest in the Steadfast 5KVA HE* Diesel Generator for an all-encompassing power solution that guarantees superior performance, prompts effectiveness and exceptional durability.


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