VLOM-65 Hand Pump: Efficient and Reliable Water Extraction Solution

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Experience a leap in water extraction efficiency with the VLOM-65 Hand Pump, also known as INDIA MARK III-65. This hand pump set is perfect for deep wells, reaching up to 40m, and exhibits remarkable performance in corrosive and acidic conditions.

  • VLOM-65, INDIA MARK III-65 proves to be a robust hand pump option
  • Capable of performing seamlessly in depths up to 40m
  • Features integral components like Head, Handle, Water Tank, and a Telescopic Standard Stand
  • Package includes a 2-year spare part kit and an installation/maintenance manual
  • Constructed for enduring durability in corrosive/acidic environments
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VLOM-65 Hand Pump: Your Ultimate Companion for Efficient Water Extraction

Designed aptly to suit your water extraction needs, the VLOM-65 Hand Pump is a superior quality apparatus known for its superior efficiency and reliable performance. Rigorously manufactured as per the INDIA MARK III-65 specification, it ensures you robustness and durability beyond comparison. Primarily used for water extraction, the pump has proven its versatility across domestic and commercial verticals as well.

Composed as an open-top hand pump, it’s equipped for a 65 mm ND uPVC riser pipe and SS connecting rods. Please note that these complementary components aren't included in the package.

Key Features

  • Manufactured accurately in line with VLOM-65, INDIA MARK III-65 specification, exuding performance consistency.
  • The comprehensive package brings together the pump, handle, water tank, and a telescopic standard stand.
  • Efficiently pumps water from significant depths of 39-40 meters, making it a high-performing device.
  • Essential spare part kit included, ensuring seamless operation for a minimum of 2 years.
  • A step-by-step installation and maintenance guide is provided to ease the setup process.

Packaging & Installation

Committed to delivering secure and quality products, the packaging style depends on the type of shipment. The packaging procedure is as per Annex C: Clause 12.1 of Part 1 of IS 15500:2004, guaranteeing maximum protection during transit. For installation, Riser Corresponding UPVC/SS Pipe and SS Connecting Rod extension sets must be purchased separately.

Also, while VLOM-65 Pump is suitable for corrosive/acidic water, the set up may require additional tools. These include Standard Tools and Special Tools, Fishing Tools, Platform Shuttering Set, and Masonry Tool Set, which are not part of this package. For a seamless installation process, kindly refer to the user manual.

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