VLOM-50 Hand Pump: The Ultimate Manual Water Pump for Sustainable Living

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The VLOM-50 Hand Pump is a specialized manual water pump ideal for remote regions. Compliant with IS:15500:2004, it features

  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • High-quality tools
  • Vital parts like connecting rod vice, crank spanner, etc.

Packaging complies with IS 15500:2004 guidelines and the product is shipped in a secure wooden crate. For alternative VLOM-50/India Mark-III-50 hand pump models, refer to product numbers S0009310, S0009311, S0009322, S0009323.

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VLOM-50 Hand Pump: Your Essential Water Access Solution

In the era of sustainable solutions, the VLOM-50 Hand Pump rises as an essential tool for accessing clean water in remote and rural areas. This manual water pump emphasizes innovation and functionality, making every pumping reliable and practical for its users.

Remarkable Features of VLOM-50 Hand Pump

  • High-quality special tools: This pump comes equipped with all necessary instruments you need for a hassle-free setup.
  • Bureau standards-compliant: The meticulous construction and design of this product align perfectly with the standard IS:15500:2004. Guided by Annex D, Clause 1.3 of Part 8, Table D2 (D-2.2), a testament to its unmatched quality.

Smooth Packaging and Secure Shipping

The complementary services we offer are as remarkable as the product itself. The packaging aligns with Annex C: Clause 12.1 of Part 1 of IS 15500:2004, ensuring a seamless experience from the moment you receive the product. Furthermore, each pump is carefully packed in robust wooden crates providing optimal protection during transit.

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A VLOM-50 Hand Pump is more than a water access tool, it’s a way of sustaining life in the hardest of environments. Choose the VLOM-50 Hand Pump, and taste the difference today!

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