VLOM 50-PVC Handpump Variant 1: Unparalleled Performance in Deep Well Water Pumping

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Boost your well water extraction with VLOM 50-PVC Handpump Variant 1, an epitome of efficiency and versatility. This high-performance deep well water pump illuminates sterling capabilities down to 30 meters.

  • High Versatility: Its open-top cylinder manages water levels up to 50 meters, demonstrating unmatched flexibility.
  • Exceptional Durability: This corrosion-resistant pump works seamlessly in 100mm-125mm diameter casing pipes, handling corrosive water environments effectively.
  • Complete Package: It comes with a head assembly, water tank, stand, cylinder assembly, connecting rods, and riser pipes, providing an all-inclusive solution for your water needs.
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VLOM 50-PVC Handpump Variant 1: Ultimate Solution for Deep Well Water Pumping

Introducing our crowning product, the VLOM 50-PVC Handpump Variant 1. Specifically designed for extraordinary performance and durability, this hand pump provides sterling water extraction from deep wells of up to 50 meters. With this pump, all your deep well water pumping needs are catered for entirely.

  • Exemplary Design and Construction: Mimicking the iconic INDIA MARK III-50 design, this pump is equipped with a uPVC riser pipe, superior stainless steel connecting rods with secure threaded couplers, and an open top cylinder. This robust architecture translates into a long-lasting and efficient operation.
  • High Durability: The pump adheres to the stringent IS 15500-2004 standards, proudly touting a hot-dipped galvanized construction. This makes it remarkably resilient against wear and tear, making it the ideal choice for pumping corrosive water (low pH).
  • Comprehensive Package: The pump comes complete with a full set of components including a spare parts kit for 2 years of operation. You get a standard head assembly, a water tank, a sturdy stand, a cylinder assembly, connecting rods, riser pipes, and a comprehensive installation and maintenance manual. This ensures seamless operations from the moment of acquisition.
  • Effortless Installation & Maintenance: This hand pump comes with detailed instructions that simplify the installation process as well as maintenance. Its robust design guarantees efficiency and reliability, making it the perfect product for deep well water extraction.

Setting the bar for high performance, durability, and reliability, the VLOM 50-PVC Handpump Variant 1 is your number one choice for deep well water extraction. Empower your water pumping task with this state-of-the-art hand pump!

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