VLOM 50-PVC Hand Pump: Durable, Efficient, and Easy-To-Maintain Manual Water Pumping Solution

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VLOM 50-PVC High-Performance Hand Pump

This efficient VLOM 50-PVC Hand Pump provides an operational solution for environments requiring robust manual pumping. This hand pump stands out due to its open-top design, providing easy maintenance and swift cleaning procedures.

  • Deep Installation Capacity: Achieves optimal pumping at 50m static level and installation depth up to 30m.
  • uPVC Brass Lined Cylinder: Exclusively designed for enduring corrosive or acidic environments.
  • 2-Year Spare Part Kit: Included to provision operational convenience.
  • Telescopic Stand: Compatible with bore wells up to 150mm in diameter.
  • In-depth User Guide: Provided for ease of installation and maintenance. Extra riser pipes available for deeper installations.
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The VLOM 50-PVC Hand Pump is an innovative and comprehensive solution to your manual water pumping needs. Built to last, and with an open-top design for easy maintenance, this hand pump guarantees an extended lifespan and exception performance.

Meeting the highest industry standards, the VLOM 50-PVC Hand Pump is compliant with Bureau of Indian Standards IS:15500-2004 and SKAT International Specifications Rev.2 -2007, a testament to its unrivaled dependability and performance.

  • Built for convenience, its open-top design permits hassle-free maintenance.
  • The VLOM 50-PVC Hand Pump is capable of pumping water to a height of up to 50 meters, an attribute that makes it suitable for various utility needs.
  • The hand pump comes with all necessary components, including the head assembly, water tank, and Telescopic Stand, for easy setup.
  • To optimize water pumping efficiency, it features a uPVC brass lined Open Top Cylinder with an interior diameter of 50mm.
  • The monolithic piston and foot valve assembly ensures a smooth, seamless pumping action.
  • The pump incorporates 50mm uPVC riser pipe and Stainless Steel pump rods, offering remarkable durability and resistance to corrosion.
  • Comes with a spare parts kit for two years of smooth, uninterrupted operation.
  • The product package includes an Installation and Maintenance manual for seamless setup and maintenance procedures.

This highly versatile hand pump is recommended for use with corrosive or acidic water (low pH), making it adaptable across a broad spectrum of water types. When used with the Telescopic Stand - Standard, it is compatible with bore wells reaching up to 150mm in diameter. The option to order additional riser pipes and connecting rods for deep installations ensures the VLOM 50-PVC Hand Pump can adapt to a wide range of specific user needs.

Invest in the VLOM 50-PVC Hand Pump for a highly efficient, reliable, and convenient water pumping solution.

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