Quality Hand Pump Extension Kit VLOM-50 (MARK III-50) | INDIA MARK III Spares & Extensions

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Introducing the superior Handpump Extension Kit tailored for VLOM-50 (MARK III-50). Key features include:

  • Connecting Rods: Precision-crafted with Industrial-grade Stainless Steel (304 grade), dimensions – 10.8mm dia x 3 meters length.
  • Riser Pipes: Constructed with sturdy uPVC, dimensions – 50mm NB x 3 meters length.
  • Threaded Couplers: Comprising of three injection molded pieces for maximum durability and longevity.

Ideal for installations up to 48m depth. Shipping ensures resilient packaging for sea and air transit. Enhances Handpump models S0009322, S0009323.

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Hand Pump Extension Kit for INDIA MARK III | High-Quality VLOM-50 (MARK III-50) Spares & Extensions

Our VLOM-50 (MARK III-50) Hand Pump Extension Kit is an absolute must-have for those looking to improve their hand pump system. Designed for the INDIA MARK III-type hand pumps, this kit features Sturdy Stainless Steel (SS) rods and Durable UPVC riser pipes, both proving to ensure reliability, durability, and efficiency.

Product Specifications

  • Compatibility: VLOM 50 Hand pump, INDIA MARK III type
  • Flexibility: Usable for total installation depth ranges up to 48m
  • Utility: Ideal for spare parts or pump extending
  • Materials: 10.8mm diameter SS Connecting rods with M12 SS welded couplings & 50mm NB UPVC riser pipes with injection molded Three-Piece threaded Couplers

Our product stands out with its remarkable features that provide an edge over other products in the market. It caters to a comprehensive range of applications and can be utilized for diverse requirements.

Top Product Features

The VLOM-50 (MARK III-50) Hand Pump Extension Kit is designed for optimal performance. It not only complements the existing system but also enhances its operation. The top features of our product include:

  • High-quality SS rods and UPVC riser pipes for exceptional durability
  • 3m set lengths enabling easy installation and removal
  • Maximum installation depth of 48m, catering to various field conditions
  • Compliance with IS 15500:2004 Annex C Clause 12.1 packaging procedures for utmost client satisfaction
  • Sea and air shipping solutions available for maximized convenience

Superior Quality and Extraordinary Versatility

This hand pump extension kit, built around the INDIA MARK III hand pumps, guarantees an efficient provision of water resources. Whether you need spare parts for your existing system or look to extend its range, our extension kit has got you covered.

Last but not least, our team is always ready to assist and provide for tailored orders such as separate rod or riser pipes.

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