U3M HandPump: Supreme, Rust-Proof Solution for Deep Wells

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The U3M Handpump is a durable and rust-resistant unit designed for deep wells. Notably capable in corrosive or acidic waters.



  • Installation Depth: Able to operate at significant depths of up to 30 meters
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  • Durability: Built with corrosion-resistant UPVC riser pipes ensuring extended life span even under harsh conditions
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  • Quality Material: Comes fit with stainless steel pump rods with threaded couplers for reliable connections
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  • Efficiency: Has a pumping capacity of providing water up to 45 meters above with ease
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This comprehensive package includes a lightweight handle and an Afridev A-Stand. Additional components can be procured separately. Ensure to indicate the borehole outer casing diameter upon ordering.

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Durable, Corrosion-Resistant U3M Handpump: The Definitive Deep Well Solution

The U3M Handpump is a robust, corrosion-resistant fixture, ideal for a wide range of water pumping needs. Whether you're in agriculture, industry, or need a household solution, it has been designed with durability and efficiency in mind. With its high-grade, corrosion-resistant materials, it ensures longevity, even in the most extreme environmental conditions.

Exceptional Features

  • Deep well handpump, suitable for up to 30 meters of cylinder installation depth.
  • Riser pipes are made of corrosion-resistant UPVC.
  • Equipped with stainless steel pump rods which prevent rust and stains, and their threaded couplers enable easy installation.
  • Flexible for borehole casing sizes 100 to 200mm in internal diameter.
  • Capable of pumping water up to 45 meters, indicating its efficiency and effectiveness.

What's in the Box

  • The package includes a Standard Head Assembly, specifically designed to deliver optimum performance.
  • It includes a custom Water Tank with a 78 mm hole for specific use-cases.
  • Also included is a steel cone assembly with a Compression cone.
  • A robust Third Plate is provided to enhance the functionality of the handpump.
  • A conveniently designed Option A Pump Stand is also part of the package.
  • Not to forget, a high-performing Cylinder Assembly also comes with the package.
  • A comprehensive kit is provided including a support rope, spanner assembly, cleaning fluid, solvent cement, spare parts for 2-year operation, and a detailed installation and maintenance manuals.

Additional spare parts and accessories are available for separate purchase, offering you flexibility as per your needs. The U3M Handpump is recommended for use with corrosive or acidic water environments.

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