U3M Hand Pump - Efficient Deep-Well Water Retrieval Solution

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U3M Hand Pump: Powerful Deep-Well Water Retrieval Solution

  • Corrosion-resistant and Robust: Consists of a stainless-steel pump rod and UPVC riser pipe, ensuring longevity
  • Efficient Application: Suitable for borehole casings with diameters between 100 and 200 mm
  • High Capacity: Efficiently retrieves water from depths up to 45 meters, particularly efficient for depths between 10 and 45 meters
  • NOTE: Mention borehole casing diameter while ordering. (Installation tools and additional parts sold separately)
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U3M Hand Pump: Your Ultimate Deep-Well Water Retrieval Solution

Plumbing the depths of your water-rich well becomes a breeze with the U3M Hand Pump. A paragon of unrivaled efficiency and robustness, this industrial-grade pump transcends the norm with its advanced features and immense benefits. Designed to thrive in corrosive environments, it ensures a continuous water supply to cater to all your needs.

Features and Benefits:

  • UPVC riser pipes characterize the U3M Hand Pump, demonstrating high resistance to corrosion. These 63mm diameter pipes stretching to a length of 30m are intended to maximize your water extraction experience.
  • Stainless steel pump rods with threaded couplers guarantee enduring operation and unparalleled resilience against corrosion and physical stress.
  • Adaptable for a variety of applications, this pump accommodates borehole casings ranging from 100 to 200mm in internal diameter.
  • With its exceptional depth range, the U3M Pump pulls water efficiently from depths of up to 45m, convincing you that no reservoir is too deep.
  • A full pump assembly comes your way, including a head assembly, water tank, pump stand, and cylinder— everything you need for smooth operation.
  • In addition to the necessary parts, the package provides valuable accessories such as support rope, spanners, a two-year spare parts kit, and a comprehensive manual illustrating installation and maintenance procedures.
  • Excellent resistance to acidic and corrosive waters further extends the usability of this versatile pump across diverse environments.


The U3M Hand Pump emerges as an ideal solution for deep-well water retrieval, excelling notably in wells with a depth range between 10 to 45 meters.

Package Contents:

  • Head Assembly
  • Water Tank
  • Pump Stand
  • Cylinder Assembly
  • Support Rope
  • Spanners
  • Two-year Spare Parts Kit

Explore the unmatched power and efficiency of the U3M Hand Pump, a game-changer in deep-well water retrieval.

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