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Top-quality UPVC-SS Handpump Riser Pipe for SDWP – INDIA MARK II specifically designed for longevity and durability. Made from 100% pure UPVC resin and equipped with Stainless Steel AISI304L (1.4307) couplings, ensuring a minimum lifespan of 50 years at 20C.

  • 40mm nominal diameter, provided in 3-meter lengths.
  • Guaranteed safe and suitable for drinking water applications.
  • Easy to install, reliable solution for pumping needs.
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UPVC-SS, 40mmND Handpump Riser Pipe for SDWP - INDIA MARK II

Elevate the standard of your water supply chain with the durable and enduring UPVC-SS, 40mmND Handpump Riser Pipe. Specifically designed for Submersible Direct Water Project (SDWP) and the India Mark II handpump system, this top-quality Riser Pipe ensures efficient, long-lasting water-pumping processes.

Superior Specifications

  • Composed of Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) coupled with Stainless Steel (SS) couplings, providing exceptional durability and longevity.
  • Operational lifespan is developed to function seamlessly for a minimum of 50 years at 20 degrees Celsius.
  • Professional manufacture utilizing 100% virgin UPVC resin; absolutely devoid of any weakening additives like CaCO3.
  • Each pipe is supplied in 3 meter lengths, aligning with industry standards and making installation easier.
  • Non-toxic, certifying safety and applicability for drinking water use.
  • Pipe sizing corresponds with ISO 4065:1996 standards.


  • Nominal diameter (ND): 40mm
  • Length: 3 meters
  • Estimated weight: 10kg
  • Estimated volume: 3.5cdm


This Riser Pipe is indispensable for hand-pump and submersible pump systems in the retrieval of groundwater. Particularly, it is a crucial component in the India Mark II handpump, known for its dependability, resilience, and easy-to-maintain design.

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Upgrade your water project operations with the UPVC-SS, 40mmND Riser Pipe. It aligns perfectly with safety standards across diverse water project setups.

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